R2RLIVE Music Event During SXSW Smashes Expectations and Sets New Records Via Patented Video eCommerce Technology

Cinsay and the Recording Artists Guild's 'Rags to Riches' huge music event during SXSW set a world record as being the first online, live music event to host eCommerce inside video and have the live stream be shared throughout social media, the web and mobile devices.

Mar 28, 2013, 07:45 ET from Cinsay

AUSTIN, Texas, March 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Cinsay and the Recording Artists Guild's huge, first-time music event, 'Rags to Riches', provided more than 8 hours of non-stop music, celebrity interviews and exclusive entertainment with a packed house and an online, live video stream to more than 3 million viewers all over the world and serving as much as approximately 300,000 concurrent streams at one point.  Days before the event, it was already being billed as 'the online version of Woodstock' and was the talk of attendees at SXSW.  "Retweet to make history", read one of Diddy's tweets as a fan held up her smartphone to show a cameraman during the webcast. To put that video traffic in perspective, the largest online event in the world, Superbowl XLVI, generated about 10 million video views and the Royal Wedding of Kate and William topped out at 300,000 concurrent viewers in 2011. The webcast drew more viewers than other top-billed SXSW concerts being streamed by veteran showcase events during the weeklong music festival.

The R2RLIVE event broke online records without a big marketing budget. In fact, popularity for the eConcert grew simply on the inherent viralability of the Smart Store™ technology.  Fans, sponsors, bands and celebrities shared the preview video over Twitter, Facebook and email encouraging friends and family to register and watch the event.

The event, which was originally located in Brush Square Park in downtown Austin, was moved to a bigger facility to accommodate the throngs of music fans.  "This was a first for us in terms of not only the music event but in using our patented technology for a 'live' video stream in social media. It worked seamlessly and was accessible via the web, tablets and smartphones to audiences everywhere," said Christian Briggs, the Founder and CEO of Cinsay. "And with more and more people watching entertainment like this and eCommerce sales increasing, these types of events are huge opportunities for Cinsay, musicians and fans alike," he added.  Briggs spoke to the fact that sales for eCommerce exceeded $1 trillion in 2012 and views for individual artists have hit as much as 1.4 billion views for top music videos. Additionally, branded merchandise for U.S. artists exceeded $2.2 billion in 2011.

Cinsay provided more than $240,000 in branded R2RLIVE merchandise, which was sold at the venue and online throughout the webcast.  Bands promoted the event via their Facebook and Twitter feeds and the event's Hashtag, #R2RLIVE, was even trending at one point on Twitter.

The success of the event in part came from social media promotion and press featuring the performers. Big draws were Warren G, Skylar Grey, KITTEN, The Tontons and Larry g(EE).  Four of the performers were featured in lists such as, 'the top bands to hear at SXSW' by Time Magazine, the Daily Beast, Teen Vogue and Fuse Music Television.  Almost all the music genres were covered from jazz to hip-hop and pop to alternative rock. Some fans came out to see their favorite band or hit the red carpet to see their favorite celebrities and get an autograph. Many ended up staying for the entire event and purchasing branded merchandise.  A portion of the sales for the the branded merchandise benefited both Austin's Meals On Wheels and More, and The Fender Music Foundation. "This is awesome, we didn't think we would make it here to see Forever the Sickest Kids and here we are watching on here to," said one young fan as she pointed to her friend's iPhone which was carrying the live video stream.

Celebrities at the event included Miss USA, Celebrity Apprentice's Claudia Jordan, Bravo TV's Madison Hildebrand, famed rapper, Warren G, Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage and Discovery Channel's number one show, 'Fast N' Loud', former Heisman winner and NFL player, Herschel Walker, along with Matt Sorum, drummer of the famed rock group, 'Guns and Roses'. "Cinsay is a must have for any musician," said Sorum as he watched from backstage.  Another musician for the Tonton's yelled, "This is one for the history books!"

Tee Wanz, who is featured in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' hit, 'Thrift Shop', was also impressed with the event and technology.  Wanz said, "Cinsay is a great promotional tool that combines multiple merch streams into one point of purchase. It's a unique technology that is a must-have for any serious budding artist!"

Executives from record labels, agencies and other technology companies involved in the entertainment business, attended and watched the event along with the fans.  Because of the tremendous success of the R2RLIVE event, more than 12 eConcerts are now in the works with several of those companies.  Danny Davis, Director of Media & Entertainment for XO Communications said, "I was extremely impressed with Cinsay's ability to execute on such a massive undertaking with its first live stream event.  The ability to manage a live production while holding the attention of a fickle online audience is a challenge in itself, however Cinsay did pull it off.  It is for these reasons that XO Communications is looking to partner with Cinsay for a future events."

"We are extremely pleased with our success for R2RLIVE. These events prove to be a game-changer for musical artists promoting their work and selling merchandise and music," said Byron Booker, Founder and CEO of the Recording Artists Guild.  "Cinsay and RAG want to give a special thanks to all the artists who actually performed and everyone involved with the event.  R2RLIVE gave us a chance to be part of something big for the participating charities. Giving back to the community is always at the forefront of our business and we look forward to more exciting opportunities like this in the very near future," added Briggs.

R2RLIVE Replay 03-31-13

The entire 8-hour event replay will be available online March 31, 2013 at R2RLIVE.com and will also feature views by artist and by interviews. Viewers can purchase from hundreds of limited edition, branded merchandise, donate to charities and share the historic archive with family and friends via social media.  

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