Radiflow Introduces New Intrusion Detection System for Securing ICS/SCADA Networks

Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is a non-intrusive security solution for deep monitoring and controlling of operational technology (OT) networks

Nov 03, 2015, 08:00 ET from Radiflow

MAHWAH, New Jersey, November 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Radiflow, a pioneer developer of ICS/SCADA network security solutions, today introduced the iSID Intrusion Detection System for OT networks.

Complementing Radiflow's comprehensive line of network security solutions, iSID enhances visibility and control in OT networks towards reducing cyber risk.

Although isolated from the internet, in recent years several vulnerabilities have been detected in ICS/SCADA networks due to changes in infrastructure companies' (electric and water utilities, oil and gas) operational processes.

An attack on a critical infrastructure's network can shut down an entire city's power grid or damage its water supply.

"The threat to ICS networks is posed by motivated groups such as governments and elite hackers--all while the attack surface is high, and operators' capabilities to effectively detect and react to ICS cyber incident are low," noted Yehonatan Kfir, CTO, Radiflow. "This gap, between attacker and defender, poses a significant risk to the ICS process."

iSID is a server-based software that can run both at the control center and at remote sites without any network intervention. iSID contains six distinct, complementary feature packages that correspond to specific network vulnerabilities such as changes in the network topology, validation of policies for maintenance tasks and for M2M sessions using DPI, signatures for known malwares and sensitive SCADA commands, model-based anomaly detection for the SCADA process and for the characteristics of the traffic flows.

Radiflow's iSID was developed to simplify the network security workflow, so that operators no longer need to be network security experts.

"Many of our U.S. customers have brought up the same two issues: managing maintenance processes and mapping the network traffic within their substations," said Ayal Vogel, VP Business Development, Radiflow. "iSID provides a simple unified solution for protecting utilities' networks."

About Radiflow 

Radiflow provides cyber-security solutions for critical distributed automation applications.

Radiflow's security tool-set validates the behavior of both M2M applications and H2M (Human-to-Machine) sessions within the distributed operational network. The solution is available both as in-line secure gateways for remote sites and as central monitoring tool. Combined, these solutions create a complete architecture for protecting SCADA network against cyber-attack.

Radiflow's solution is mature with successful field-installations and validation by research labs such as the recently published NIST NCCoE cyber-security practice.

Ayal Vogel
VP Business development

SOURCE Radiflow