Radius Offers Unrivalled Suite of Research Offerings

Sep 19, 2011, 04:30 ET from Radius Global

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Product Suite Underpins Consultative Model to Deliver Strategic Insights

European brand owners are reaping the rewards of the unrivalled portfolio of offerings from Radius Global, a leading provider of qualitative and quantitative research services to marketing and communications professionals across the world. http://www.radius-global.com/emea

Radius' tools underpin a highly strategic proposition built on a consultative model executed only by senior team members equipped with extensive marketing and brand research experience.

"The combined application of strategic leadership, the quality of our talent pool, and our extensive suite of innovative qualitative and quantitative research tools provide some of the most robust and compelling optimisation and segmentation services available to inform clients' strategic thinking," says Michael Fodor, Managing Director EMEA. "Moreover, Radius' consultative approach and the wealth of knowledge within our team  enables us to fine-tune how we use our offerings and overcome many basic cultural assumptions that limit standard international research projects."

Radius' offerings each boast industry-leading methodologies - incorporating sophisticated modelling and multivariate analysis - to deliver essential strategic insight to guide decision making on all aspects of a brand and product's and marketing communications.

The offering set provides critical insights across a brand's lifespan - measuring and informing overall brand value; message development and reception; how brands compare competitively; brand strategy including competitive landscaping and investment optimisation; pricing strategies; product development; customer satisfaction; and purchase insights. It includes:

EquityDeveloper provides a precise and innovative approach to quantify a brand's clout in the marketplace, develop a strategy to drive brand equity, and the tools to track progress over time. It assesses price perceptions, overall brand affinity measures and 15 to 50 different imagery and equities - from product claims to emotional benefits and brand personality.

Message Optimizer helps to identify the best positioning for a brand. It is a realistic approach, using fundamental questions and consumer choices to evaluate the effectiveness of messages across critical dimensions. It helps guide the construction of a powerful platform built around core and supporting messages that work best together.

Opportunities and Barriers provides a comprehensive brand equity study to better address key strategic business issues: market position, equity strengths and barriers, value perceptions and target profiles. It gauges a brand's current status, and provides a recommendation of strategic initiatives. It assesses whether your brand generates value through quality or price.

Configure provides a consumer perspective on the marketplace and its structure. It lays the groundwork for identifying opportunities, guiding the development of new products and optimally positioning existing or new products. It translates these perceptions into actionable recommendations - all focused within a consumer-defined structure.

Segmenter provides a roadmap that can help marketers fight competitive threats; optimise your expenditures against development, marketing and communications; and, most importantly, coalesce efforts to be customer-driven.

PriceDeveloper is a flexible and powerful approach designed to handle the most vital pricing decisions built on knowledge gained from hundreds of pricing projects executed for a variety of marketplaces. It delivers the data needed to build a business case, run a risk assessment and otherwise quantify how pricing a product or service offer will impact your position in the marketplace.

OptionDeveloper enables the development of optimised products or services, including multiple features or 'bundled' components; to gauge against benchmarks, to optimise business impact; explore alternative scenarios via a simulator. It is invaluable to marketers looking to maximise new product introductions, product reconfigurations, pricing, packaging, customer segmentation and communicating benefits.

LineDeveloper is a state-of-the-art micro modelling approach that allows clients to identify the optimal product portfolio in large, complex product categories. It provides the tools to assure that the portfolio appeals to the greatest number of consumers, provides variety to establish repeat purchasing within the product line, and, helps assess the best new additions for the product line-up.

LoyaltyDeveloper enables marketers to identify the customers they want to keep, develop strategies to retain loyalists, and build loyalty among the most vulnerable. It then identifies the products and processes that are key drivers of loyalty for each customer segment - and informs the questions for further research to track progress.

Virtual Environments is a computer-simulated "reality" of a store, restaurant, shelf set, package or advertising and collateral materials that provides the setting for testing subtle and / or complex influences upon consumer choices and purchasing.

About Radius Global Market Research

Radius Global Market Research (formerly Data Development Worldwide) is one of the largest independent market research companies in the U.S. The company's proprietary tools provide unique insights, effective processes and unmatched experience resulting in proven return on investment for leading global marketers in categories including: consumer products, financial services, pharmaceutical, communications, and traditional/new media. http://www.radius-global.com/emea

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