Radware's FastView™ Technology Raises the Bar for Web Performance Optimization; Accelerating Web Application Response Times for Any Browser and End-User Device

Coupled with Application Performance Monitoring capabilities, FastView's result-oriented acceleration delivers measureable performance insight for maximum business impact

Jun 26, 2012, 05:30 ET from Radware Ltd

MAHWAH, New Jersey, June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of application delivery and application security solutions for virtual and cloud data centers, today announced FastView™, a new Web Performance Optimization (WPO) technology integrated into Radware's Alteon® application delivery controllers (ADC), which significantly accelerates the response time of both Web portals and internal mission-critical applications.

Targeted at e-Commerce, e-Retail, Web portals, online financial services and other online businesses, Radware's FastView enhances the Alteon platform's application acceleration capabilities resulting in maximum business impact including more page visits, higher customer loyalty, more returning customers, higher conversion rates, and higher revenues.

Various market studies on Websites of major corporations show that even a one-second faster page response time delivered an average 11 percent more page views per month, 5 percent more revenue, and 4 percent higher customer satisfaction during the same period. FastView delivers WPO best practices out-of-the-box while eliminating the overhead of manually optimizing the application or changing infrastructure to reduce efforts and costs. Unlike other acceleration technologies, Web applications perform significantly faster with FastView starting at the very first page visit. It provides a fast acceleration for Web pages accessed for the first time, as well as for previously visited pages for all users running any browser on any end-user device.  

Integrated into Radware's Alteon ADC, FastView extends the integrated application acceleration capabilities to deliver a unique Web application acceleration solution while enhancing the ADC's core values and delivering higher solution return on investment. It is a data center-centric solution that doesn't require any modification to branch offices or end-user devices reducing operational complexity and enabling faster time to market.  

Radware also offers an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) module that enables users to monitor end-to-end Web application response time and drill-down to the application, transaction, and transaction stage levels, as well as to the geographic location level. This provides the ability to visualize the performance different users receive in different locations, in real-time, and based on user-defined SLAs. Radware's APM measures and visualizes the real performance of Web applications as experienced by all users from all locations, including actual data on errors, without the need to write scripts and run synthetic transactions from a limited set of locations, thus providing a complete visibility into Web applications performance while reducing effort and costs.  

"Website performance directly impacts an organization's ability to service its customers and to generate more revenues, which affects a business's bottom-line. Slow-loading pages and Web page errors are deterrents between the site and visitors, driving business away," said Avi Chesla, chief technology officer, Radware. "With the launch of FastView and Application Performance Monitoring, we are helping our customers optimize and monitor Web application performance in real-time so they can improve their business performance through faster page loads, a better user experience, and higher search engine rankings - all leading to more revenue."

FastView accelerates Web application response time by employing several optimization methods. It optimizes the transport layer via TCP protocol optimization and advanced congestion avoidance optimization algorithms. It also optimizes on-the-fly the Web application code to reduce the number of requests per Web page and the number of server connections through CSS/Java Script objects combining and inlining, and advanced object versioning. In addition, it reduces the transferred content size via removing unnecessary content from Web pages, as well as leveraging dynamic caching mechanisms on both the ADC and on the end-user side.  

For more information on FastView, please visit http://www.radware.com/FastView.  More information on Radware is available at http://www.radware.com.

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