RainbowVision Santa Fe Reinterprets 'Boomer Aging' Conscious of Economy and Personal Perceptions

Oct 29, 2010, 13:03 ET from RainbowVision Santa Fe

SANTA FE, N.M., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Boomers and older populations are delaying entry in to Senior Communities. Either they are unable to sell homes in a challenging real estate market or unable to envision a future requiring support and assistance. The typical comment "I'm not ready for that yet" is the universal battle cry of those who inwardly recognize they would like or need assistance.

RainbowVision Santa Fe, Your Community for the Second Fifty Years sees the same trend among its community members. RainbowVision opened in June of 2006, and is the only non-age restricted community in the world built to welcome and serve its highly diverse population, addressing gender identity, orientation, and background.

Tom Vicario, General Manager, recently joined the staff at RainbowVision Santa Fe, moving back to the US from Thailand. "I have never seen a community like this one in my 50 year career, nor such an exceptional staff. Like other communities, we are seeing a higher acuity level of potential members as they delay entry primarily caused by the New Economy," says Mr. Vicario.  

"RainbowVision was built to serve all ages as transitioning occurs within the community. We are able to serve various levels of challenges at RainbowVision, including special diets, members with MS (multiple sclerosis), and those recuperating from temporary illness and infirmity. Many members are challenge free. After all, 'Aging in Place' is an ideal concept when you're already in a place where you've made friends, are well cared for, and respected," adds Mr. Vicario.

RainbowVision offers programs, activities and facilities for adults 29-98. Amenities include the "Billie Jean King Fitness Center and Spa," gourmet dining at "Garbo's" (featuring award-winning Chef Leonard Trejo), the "E. Scissorhands Image Salon" and live musical-stage productions at the "SilverStarlight Cabaret Lounge."

For those needing more care but not full assistance, RainbowVision provides "Enhanced Living Services" in individual residences.  In addition, we've created special suites for those transitioning from Independent Living to full Assisted Living.  

RainbowVision Santa Fe provides affordable premium service in an elegant environment. Combine that with fine dining, entertainment, top amenities, and dedicated care and you have a community unparalleled for the next fifty years!

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