Ramoil Management, Ltd. (OTC:RAMO) Announces Its 1st Merger Partner/Subsidiary....3D Vision, Inc.

Mar 30, 2011, 08:30 ET from Ramoil Management, Ltd.

LONG BEACH, Calif., March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- RAMOIL MANAGEMENT, LTD. (OTC: RAMO), soon to be Enviro | Tech Capital, Ltd., would like to announce the merger of its new subsidiary 3D Vision, Inc.

Per our new business model, 3D Vision, Inc. (www.3dvisioninc.com) will operate under our "Technology Division," EnviroTech Technologies (www.envirotechtechnologies.com).  Both above mentioned websites, along with (www.envirotechcap.com), are being developed and updated as we speak and should be fully live and functional within a few weeks to a month.

Michael J. Goeree, Ramoil's Chairman and CEO, is quoted as saying, "This marks the 1st step in the roll-out and implementation of our new business plan.  I'm excited to offer our shareholders 3D Vision, Inc. as an initial opportunity in the reorganization of Ramoil Management to Enviro | Tech Capital."

Mr. Andrew Park, 3D Vision's President and CEO, is quoted as saying, "We at 3D Vision are also excited and truly pleased with the opportunities our new relationship with Ramoil, soon to be Enviro | Tech Capital, bring to our company.  Like Ramoil, 3D Vision's business plan and proprietary, patent pending technology and market interest have us poised to explode into the new and rapidly growing 3D movie and television market sector.  3D Vision is the forefront of this new and vibrant niche market."

About 3D Vision, Inc.

3D Vision, Inc., of Anaheim, CA, presented its live demonstration of the most innovative camera ever to hit the 3D market at the Mole-Richardson Studio Lighting Company to rave reviews.  The hand-picked audience for the demo was made up of some of Hollywood's most seasoned Directors of Photography and Cinematographers, the industry's severest critics.  Their collective reaction was one of genuine enthusiasm.  Among those witnessing the presentation was Director of Photography, Bill Bennett, ASC, who stated, "We've been waiting for years for an all-in-one professional 3D camera.  This is what the industry really needs."  Other professionals had similar comments, calling the camera "a big step in the right direction for 3D."

The remarkable camera captures 3D action through its dual lenses as easily as 2D.  Weighing a little over 30 pounds, it can pan, tilt, zoom, truck and dolly without having to adjust each shot.  Simply set the focus and start shooting.  Controlled remotely or by hand, the camera is a one-man operation and can mount to a standard tripod or pedestal, steadicam or boom.  It boasts major reductions in post-production costs.  3D Vision's camera was developed and is being manufactured in Southern California.  US Patents have been filed for its innovative unique technology and design.  Each unit will be configured to order, and 3D Vision will provide each client with its own technician who will train the new camera crew and remain on hand in the event of any technical hurdles.  The camera is set for additional improvements, including interchangeable long-distance and macro close-up lenses.  Features currently available on the camera include:

  • Genlock of multiple 3D cameras
  • All-weather outdoors (unaffected by snow or rain)
  • Low ambient indoor light capable
  • Output to recorder deck, digital storage or program out for live streaming
  • 10-minute set-up time
  • Extremely stable picture quality
  • Adjustable frames per second
  • Utilizes 12v batteries or standard power
  • Capable of high quality film or video production
  • One-man operation

3D Vision, Inc. 1275 N. Manassero St., Anaheim CA 92807

About Ramoil Management, Ltd.

About Us Statement: Ramoil Management, Ltd. (RAMO), soon to be Enviro | Tech Capital, Ltd., is a development stage capital company, focusing on green energy projects, asset management and other niche technologies temporarily headquartered in Long Beach, California.  Ramoil's present strategy is to identify buy-out and/or merger opportunities in the "Green / Renewable Energy Sector" and "Niche Technologies Sector" which will immediately impact and grow our asset and revenue base.  Through our world-wide network of Brokers and Scientists we already have one and possibly more such projects identified and are working through the due diligence process on each of these projects.

The company has already closed deals working forward under its new business model.

Forward Looking Statements

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