RAMOIL MANAGEMENT, LTD. (OTC:RAMO) Announces New Business Model and Planned Execution Including Dividends

Mar 21, 2011, 08:30 ET from Ramoil Management, Ltd.

LONG BEACH, Calif., March 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- RAMOIL MANAGEMENT, LTD. (OTC: RAMO), would like to announce that it has finally settled on its new business model or business plan and its plan of execution including dividends which will expand and diversify both the company and its shareholders' portfolios.

Presently, we are in the process of updating all filings with OTC Markets and are working with SEC Counsel, CPAs and Auditors on eventually moving Ramoil Management to fully reporting status.  Due to Ramoil's past, this is an arduous and thus expensive task.  To this end, rest assured that this will be completed in 2011 as one of our corporate goals.

As for our business model or plan, Ramoil Officers and Directors have been working for the past few years at different business plans.  The outcome is the decision that the best plan for out shareholders is our own plan.

The Plan: Ramoil Management will reorganize and become Enviro | Tech Capital, Ltd. (www.envirotechcap.com).  Per our soon to be new corporate name Enviro | Tech Capital, we will be acquiring companies and technologies in both the Environmental and Niche Technologies Market Sectors, bridge financing these entities while filing registration statements with FINRA and the SEC, or purchasing existing Public Vehicles as merger vehicles to demerge these subsidiaries out onto their own as public entities.  With this completed, Enviro | Tech Capital will retain anywhere from 25% to 35% (based on company size and opportunity) of the new public company and carry 2 seats on the Board of directors of these new public companies.  From Enviro | Tech Capital's retained 25% - 35%, the shareholders on Enviro | Tech Capital will be dividend shares of each of the demerged subsidiaries or newly formed public companies.  By this, our shareholders are rewarded for their continued support and realize a more diverse and shared investment opportunity alongside Enviro | Tech Capital as well.  Our goal is to grow the company's and its shareholders equity and value together.

To this end, Enviro | Tech Capital will split into two concentrations running under the DBA Envirotech Energy (www.envirotechenergy.com) on the "Environmental Side" and on the "Tech Side", the DBA of EnviroTech Technologies (www.envirotechtechnologies.com).

From this positioning, EnviroTech Energy will be operating in the Environmental / Green Energy Sector to find projects and/or plants to acquire, develop and operate.  We have identified two (2) merger candidates for EnviroTech Energy already and have signed a binding MOU with one and an LOI with the other to date.  

Likewise, in the Niche Technologies Sector, EnviroTech Technologies will be operating in finding and acquiring Niche Technologies which are commercially viable and ready for market.  Here, we have already identified a very strong and exciting merger candidate as well and have already signed a binding MOU to this affect.

The Officers and Directors of Ramoil Management would like to thank all the present shareholders for their continued patience and support and want to assure you that details regarding the above mentioned acquisition partners, their respective businesses and opportunities will be made available via Press Releases over the coming few weeks to a month as contracts solidify and details are ready to be made available.

Again, thank you all and we look forward to serving you and growing our company together.

About Ramoil Management, Ltd.

About Us Statement: Ramoil Management, Ltd. (RAMO) is a development stage capital company, focusing on green energy projects, asset management and other niche technologies temporarily headquartered in Long Beach, California.  Ramoil's present strategy is to identify buy-out and/or merger opportunities in the "Green / Renewable Energy Sector" and "Niche Technologies Sector" which will immediately impact and grow our asset and revenue base.  Through our world-wide network of Brokers and Scientists we already have one and possibly more such projects identified and are working through the due diligence process on each of these projects.

For more information visit our website at:   www.envirotechenergy.com.

The company has already closed deals working forward under its new business model.

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