Rand McNally Launches Groundbreaking Application That Gives Fleets More Control over Navigation and Route Execution

TrueTrack® provides fleets command and control of the in-cab routing experience

Oct 21, 2013, 09:05 ET from Rand McNally

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Rand McNally announced a new web-based solution that will give fleet managers unparalleled ability to improve driver safety, enhance customer service with more accurate arrival time information, and reduce fuel usage by curtailing out-of-route driving. TrueTrack®, powered by IntelliRoute® –the company's award-winning navigation – will allow fleet managers to control the in-cab routing experience and track a drivers' adherence to predefined routes.

TrueTrack® will work in conjunction with Rand McNally's suite of mobile fleet management solutions the TND® 760 and TPC 7600, and will be available via the Rand McNally Connect web portal, the company's online command center for its mobile fleet management solutions.

The initial release of the software will allow fleet supervisors to remotely manage:

  • Proactive Driver Alerts – fleets can dictate when warnings or alerts are issued to drivers. Drivers are proactively advised (at a fleet-specified distance) of what is ahead including posted speed limit changes, toll roads, sharp curves or steep declines.
  • Company Address Book – fleets can upload a spreadsheet of locations into TrueTrack® and then have those locations downloaded into in-cab devices across their fleet. Locations can be organized by account or locations. Drivers benefit by having a full company directory that is accessible on their in-cab device, and can quickly route to the destination.
  • Route Settings- fleet managers are able to control the type of route computed on the in-cab device. Route settings include restrictions for 53-foot trailers, 48-foot trailers, double, triple or straight truck configurations. Routing can be set to adhere to Hazmat routes, avoid tolls or take the shortest or fastest route.
  • Synchronized arrival time – fleet managers can monitor any vehicle's destination and estimated time of arrival, as well as the driver's available hours of service (HOS) information. Drivers and dispatchers share the same ETA information, which helps minimize dispatcher calls to the truck for updated information.

"Beyond efficiencies gained through improved control capabilities, TrueTrack® will provide a single version of the truth, allowing alignment between fleet managers and drivers on the route driven, actual miles, and  the estimated time of arrival." said Jim Rodi, Senior Vice President, Mobile Communications, Rand McNally. "Fleets will like the expanded management capabilities provided by TrueTrack®, and drivers will enjoy having access to critical information at their fingertips."

When fully deployed, TrueTrack® will provide fleet managers with an expanded range of tools to control and customize the routes taken by their drivers. Fleets may selectively avoid certain roads, thus removing them from consideration in routes generated by the system, or take the process one step further and build a completely custom set of step-by-step directions and push the route down to the driver. When a driver deviates from the route, an alert is sent. Once the route is complete, detailed reporting with planned and actual miles driven can be generated.

Consistently using the prescribed routes would enable:

  • Fuel savings by driving the most efficient route.
  • Safety improvements by directing the driver to use truck-allowable roads.
  • Improved customer support by enabling the driver and the fleet to be aligned on estimated time of arrival and location of the vehicle.
  • Increased driver satisfaction when driver compensation is tied to actual miles driven.

"Today Rand McNally can push a location to the in-cab device, and the driver can use the on-device navigation to route to it," explained Mason Meadows, V.P. of Transportation Services, Rand McNally. "With TrueTrack®, fleets will be able to manage the entire driver experience – from how they are notified about upcoming road hazards, to the roads drivers are being routed down, to arrival notifications and instructions at their final destination. Fleet managers will be able to quickly analyze compliance, manage exceptions and optimize operations -- the ultimate in command and control."

Rand McNally will be showcasing TrueTrack® at ATA's Management Conference and Exhibition, booth #611, from October 20th through 22nd in Orlando, Florida.

For more information on Rand McNally's mobile fleet management services, call 1-800-789-6277 or visit randmcnally.com/tnd760.

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