Ranking Massage School to Expand, Update Its Offerings

Somatherapy Institute Will Add New Classes Starting October 7

Sep 27, 2013, 08:03 ET from Somatherapy Institute

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif., Sept. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- With high season around the corner and brighter prospects projected for the economy, the Somatherapy Institute of the Coachella Valley is widening its reach.

The school, which opened in 1991 to offer classes leading to State Certification as a Massage Practitioner or Certified Massage Therapist, will be relocating to a larger, more convenient space in Rancho Mirage. The new space will allow it to service a higher volume of students while offering Public Workshops and a new continuing education program for advanced students.

New classes will begin on October 7. New candidates are welcome to apply.

A Rewarding Career

Says Managing Director Margaret Hines, "Therapeutic Massage has come into its own as an industry.  With alternative medicine accepted in more and more mainstream health establishments, Bodywork has emerged as a rewarding, high-paying career.  

"It works for people of all ages, from high school graduates to later-life career seekers. It's especially well-suited to people who want to prosper while remaining true to core beliefs about the true source of health and well-being."

Finding An Authentic Path

Current student Kim Bragdon confirms Hines' view: "After 30 years an escrow officer I allowed myself to take a different direction. Massage had been an important stress reliever for me when I was an office worker. I saw that I could help people. I looked at other schools, but Somatherapy Institute just felt more personal and hands-on." 

Sensitive to the seeker mentality common among its students, the Somatherapy Institute cultivates an environment of personal attention. Every effort is made to help students find a personal focus for their massage therapy practice. The school's core program is literally hands-on, with a wide variety of modalities taught and practiced in classes. 

Variety Spells Opportunity

The range of modalities is impressive: everything from sports and deep-tissue massage to traditional styles like Shiatsu, Reflexology, Polarity, Reiki, Lymphatic and Cranial-sacral work to massages developed for the special needs of niche populations such as HIV/AIDs patients, cancer, geriatric and post-surgical patients and pre-natal populations.

"Our combined faculty experience is well over 100 years," Hines continues. "Each faculty member specializes in a particular aspect of massage, and our teachers' field experience sets us apart from other schools."

"Each teacher and class offers the student real-world perspectives and in-depth knowledge. Combined, they foster a deep appreciation for how Bodywork has evolved in cultures around the world."

Graduates Are in Demand

Graduates of Somatherapy Institute thrive in the Coachella Valley, either in private practice or through employment at prestigious resorts and spas. Some graduates use their skills in conjunction with caregiving, or in chiropractic, physical therapy or personal training practices.   

Somatherapy Institute is approved by the State of California Bureau of Private Post-secondary Education (BPPE.) All are invited to inquire about programs, workshops or the student clinic for discounted massages.  For more information, contact Margaret Hines at 760.904.0912.  www.somatherapy.com.

SOURCE Somatherapy Institute