Rapid Fire Marketing Gains Share of Electronic Cigarette Market

Oct 06, 2010, 09:00 ET from Rapid Fire Marketing

CARSON CITY, Nev., Oct. 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Rapid Fire Marketing, (Pink Sheets: RFMK) announced the launch of www.BionicCigs.com, the premiere website for electronic cigarettes. The Company is focusing its online marketing efforts on this exciting new product that helps smokers wishing to quit and allows those who do smoke, to smoke anywhere they choose. The electronic cigarette market is estimated to be a $100 million dollar industry and presents an enormous opportunity for investors looking to be part of this fast growing sector.

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug. The reason it is so addictive is because it rewires your brain. A recent post puts it this way: "Once rewired, your brain feels bad without nicotine. This happens because nicotine mimics a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. To your neurons, nicotine looks like a surge of acetylcholine. This surge causes a release of dopamine, which is pleasant and feels good. Unfortunately, your brain also responds to the surge by changing the number of acetylcholine receptors and the amount of the neurotransmitter that it releases. When you stop smoking, the lack of nicotine causes an imbalance, and you feel bad, very bad, so you start smoking again. The only way to beat cigarettes is to cut your consumption of nicotine long enough to let your brain re-rewire itself back to normal."

Therefore, many smokers are looking for a different delivery system for the nicotine they need. They may be doing that simply to avoid the trip outdoors, or they might want to lower the cancer risk. They may even be trying to gain more control over nicotine intake so they can ramp it down to zero over time. There are currently several alternatives for nicotine delivery, including patches, gum, inhalers and even nicotine water, but many smokers are getting excited about the latest craze: electronic cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is an electronic device that delivers nicotine as a mist, without the harmful side effects associated with the other ingredients found in traditional cigarettes. Because no smoke is emitted, the user is free to use the product anywhere they choose.

"The Company has committed to focus its full attention on the marketing and sales of this unique product and has discontinued its marketing of other products that do not have the potential of Bionic electronic cigarettes," stated Michael Amezquita, President/ CEO.

SOURCE Rapid Fire Marketing