Rasmus is Poker's Greatest Dane!

Oct 19, 2010, 12:13 ET from Betfred

MANCHESTER, England, October 19, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Betfred-sponsored professional poker player Rasmus Nielsen has continued his run of outstanding success by becoming the national champion of Denmark.

Rasmus collected the first prize of just over GBP96,000 for winning the Danish Championship of Poker in the capital city of Copenhagen, beating an impressively strong final table line-up for his first live title.

The best field since the championship began in 2005 did battle over three days and after some well-known names on the final table fell by the wayside, Rasmus found himself heads up with Stig Farholt.

The duel lasted only three hands, with victory going to Rasmus earlier than he had envisaged.

"When we got heads up I had a commanding chip lead and was facing a pretty tight player, so I was expecting a long fight," said the father of two, who has been a professional poker player for three years.

"I raised to 45k from the small blind with 4-2 off-suit and he called. The flop came down J-5-2 and he bet right into me with a bet of 55k. I called and the turn brought a beautiful 4.

"He bet 100k this time, being around 400k behind, and I decided to make it 225k. He went into the tank but eventually shoved it in with Q-J and my turned two pair held up."

While Rasmus has enjoyed plenty of success online and enjoyed some lucrative results live, he was delighted to secure such a prestigious title.

"It's a big relief," added the player who has earned over $1million thanks to four top-six placings in EPT and WSOP events during the last three years.

"I have had many top finishes but never won a live title before so it feels great to finally go all the way. I think I have had better performances but this definitely will be one to remember."

Now Rasmus, who became a Betfred-sponsored player in 2009, plans a short break before targeting another big success before Christmas.

"I have been travelling a lot lately so it's time for me to stay at home and help with our two small children for a bit," he said. "I think I'll wait until December to play live again at the EPT in Prague."

SOURCE Betfred