Rather-Be-Hunting Guy™ Comic Character Donating 1,000+ Hunting-Related Comic Books to Hunt of a Lifetime and Sportsman Foundation for Military Families

Donations from the comic character whose slogan is 'Workin' For the Man, Huntin' When I Can™'

Dec 14, 2010, 18:00 ET from Rather-Be-Hunting Guy

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Rather-Be-Hunting Guy, also known as Dale Dunnerwaywill be giving away laughs for free to nonprofits, veterans, and soldiers this Christmas season.  Limit Out Productions, parent company of the Rather-Be-Hunting Guy™ line of gift items, is donating more than 1,000 comic books to Hunt of a Lifetime as well as the Sportsman Foundation for Military Families this holiday season.  Hunt of a Lifetime will be giving the books away in association with holiday events.  The Sportsman Foundation for Military Families will give them to veterans as well as current servicepersons.

"We are very proud to be receiving the Rather-Be-Hunting Guy™ comics," said President and Founder of Hunt of a Lifetime, Tina Pattison.

Hunt of a Lifetime organization is a nonprofit organization with the mission of granting hunting and fishing adventures and dreams to children age 21 and under who have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. 

The Sportsman Foundation for Military Families will provide the Rather-Be-Hunting Guy™ comic books to combat veterans and those overseas.   

Limit Out Productions wants to fill the holidays with laughter for those involved in each organization. "These organizations are important to our company.  They touch people's lives and help our society greatly," said Dale Dunnerway (Rather-Be-Hunting Guy™).

Limit Out Productions will also be giving Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton one of the very first Rather-Be-Hunting Guybobbleheads with audio as a wedding present when the product is available in the spring.

"We are extremely excited about the bobblehead with audio product and hope Miranda and Blake like it as much as we do," offered Dale.

For more information about Rather-Be-Hunting Guy™ go to www.RatherBeHuntingGuy.com.

About Rather-Be-Hunting Guy:

Dale is an outdoorsman who works long hours at an office job. His friends say he likes to hunt and fish too much, but to him there is no such thing. He's certainly not a superhero, but he's a brother to all of us who'd rather be in the woods. Learn more about Dale's day-to-day work life in his outdoors-themed comic books, 1) On the Job with Rather-Be-Hunting Guy - An Avid Outdoorsman Stuck in an Office Cubicle, and 2) Rather-Be-Hunting Guy and Life's Demands - Going Through Adulthood Rough Around the Edges, which, along with bumper stickers, are available for purchase on www.RatherBeHuntingGuy.com. The bobbleheads with audio will be available early in 2011.

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