Rational Spirits Announces Helena Olsen as Brand Ambassador

Aug 16, 2015, 06:00 ET from Rational Spirits, LLC

CHARLESTON, S.C., Aug. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Rational Spirits, a new Charleston, SC based craft distillery announced today that it has hired Helena Olsen to serve as brand ambassador. Olsen, a well-known figure in the rum and tiki cocktail community, and voice of "A Mountain Of Crushed Ice", which won the 2013 UK Rumfest Rum Blog of the Year, will be representing the brand's upcoming series of rum, the first of which is expected out next month.

This announcement coincides with National Rum Day, a holiday founded to honor the spirit thought to be named after the old-English, "rumbullion" originally meaning "to cause ruckus". The new distillery will be announcing more about its processes and methodology in September and expects to spark a bit of a rumbullion of its own among craft cocktail enthusiasts.

Olsen's duties will include helping to create awareness of the rum, developing signature cocktail drinks, attending industry events and hosting tastings. Olsen will also be managing all of Rational Spirits social media presence. Regarding the new position, Olsen said, "I am very excited about this rum. I think the use of both historical research into rum production methods and new technological approaches brings an interesting new dimension to craft spirits."

Founded earlier this year, Rational Spirits is the latest distillery in Charleston, SC, and is focused solely on producing pot still rum with no additives or added sugar. Their first rum, "Santeria Rum" will be produced in conjunction with Salinas, CA distillery, Lost Spirits. Santeria is a dunder pit style Jamaican rum, which is due out in September to select cities. The distillery expects to commence operations at its Charleston facility later this year.

"As a distillery with a passion for artisanal rum cocktails and a deep affection for the tiki community, we think Helena is the perfect choice to help us spread the word of a craft rum from Charleston," said founder, Alex Burns.


Rational Spirits is a Charleston, SC based craft distillery founded in early 2015 focused on rum. The distillery, through its affiliate, Rational Cocktails, is producing a series of artisanal cocktail syrups to be paired with rum as well as other craft spirits. The name "Rational Spirits" comes from the idea that starting a micro-distillery is an irrational idea as there are many obstacles to navigate in order to successfully bring a brand to market and gain acceptance.

Helena Olsen

SOURCE Rational Spirits, LLC