RBH Sound Now Shipping New Signature SV Series

Jan 07, 2016, 13:45 ET from RBH Sound

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- RBH Sound (RBH) demonstrated the company's new Signature SV Series freestanding speaker lineup at the 2016 CES this week in Las Vegas. RBH also announced that nearly all of the series is now available and shipping.

RBH designed the new Signature SV Series for both high performance home theater and 2-channel systems, and it is slated to replace the company's popular Signature SX Series later this year. Featuring a choice of two high-gloss finishes (black or South American Rosewood) the SV Series carries a new design and proprietary technologies which, according to the company, give it a good edge over the competition, both in performance and appearance. Encased in modern, swept-back cabinet designs, the new models also feature RBH's proprietary, award-winning aluminum cone technology alongside high performance Vifa® and Scan-Speak® silk dome and Aurum Cantus® AMT tweeters. The curvature and construction of the new models' cabinets (made from layered and shaped MDF), combined with strategically placed internal bracing, reduces standing waves and increases cabinet rigidity, providing tighter bass and improving the overall sound quality. Wiring connections are easily made through the use of five-way binding posts, with larger models featuring two pairs, promoting increased performance via bi-wiring and/or bi-amplification.

Models that are currently shipping include the SV‑61 bookshelf speakers, SV‑661 LCR, SV‑661C dedicated center channel, SV‑6500 tower speakers, and four subwoofers; the non-powered, 12‑inch SV‑12N and the dual 12-inch SV‑1212N subwoofers, and their powered siblings, the 12-inch, 350 Watt RMS SV‑12P and the dual 12-inch, 500 Watt RMS SV‑1212P. Slated to begin shipping later this year are the SV‑44, a dedicated Di-polar/Bi-polar surround speaker, and flagship models that both feature an AMT tweeter, the SV‑831 modular monitor and the SV‑821C dedicated center channel.

RBH also offers an upgrade option for all currently shipping models. The "Reference" upgrade includes fixed phase plug aluminum cone midrange woofers, liquid-cooled Scanspeak® fabric dome tweeters, modified crossover networks to manage the upgraded drivers and, for the powered subwoofers, an amplifier upgrade. In the specific case of the SV-1212P, the Reference upgrade bumps the amplifier power from 500 Watts RMS to over 1,400 Watts. The Signature Reference upgrade option, denoted by an "R" at the end of the model number, comes at a higher cost, promising increased power handling, improved resolution and overall performance.

Pricing for the models now shipping has been set as follows: SV‑61: $1,195/pair; SV‑661 or SV‑661C: $895/each; SV‑6500: $3,495/pair; SV‑12N: $895; SV‑12P: $1,295; SV‑1212N: $1,605; and SV‑1212P: $2,425. Pricing for the Reference upgrade models has been set as follows: SV‑61R: $1,895/pair; SV‑661R or SV‑661CR: $1,345/each; SV‑6500R: $4,395/pair; SV‑12NR: $1,395; SV‑12PR: $1,795; SV‑1212NR: $2,585; and SV‑1212PR: $5,295.

The Signature SV Series is available through the company's authorized dealer and international distributor network and, for those without an authorized RBH dealership nearby, orders will soon be taken via the company's web site at http://rbhsound.com.

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