RCA Expands Its Industry-Leading Charging Product Line

2013 line-up includes multiple charging solutions to optimize home power outlet space for mobile-device charging

Jan 07, 2013, 14:00 ET from VOXX International Corporation

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- LVCC, CENTER HALL, BOOTH 10404 -- RCA builds upon its leadership position in charging products with the addition of three (3) new multiple USB charging accessories that address the rising scarcity of prime power outlet space at home, especially as more and more power-hungry mobile devices compete for a charge. The 2013 product line includes the RCA 4-port USB wall plate charger (WP4UWR and WP4UAR), an easy plug-and-use family charging solution that provides full, fast-speed charging for 4 smartphones or 2 tablets simultaneously, with a patent-pending switch on one outlet that adapts to different device charging circuitries.

RCA is also introducing a wall plate USB charger with nightlight (WP2UNLW and WP2UNLA), a multiple-solution product that optimizes outlet use in high-demand areas of the home, with high-speed 2.1 Amp USB charging for tablets and smartphones and a built-in LED nightlight with auto-light sensor. RCA rounds out the additions to its line with the RCA USB home charger and LED nightlight (USBNLL1) that provides a seamless, discreet dual-solution product for areas of the home where both USB charging and a nightlight are needed, with a design that works in any room, providing soft LED light where needed and convenient 1-Amp device charging.

"There are more cell phones than people in the US today, and millions of tablets, eReaders, and other portable electronic devices on top of that. Almost all of these devices rely on USB charging for power. And for the typical American home, this presents a problem: where are consumers going to charge those devices?" said David Geise, President of VOXX Accessories Corp. "The engineers and designers at RCA studied this problem, examining the requirements of today's devices and the challenges for charging in high traffic settings and where the need for more outlets and more power is especially acute. We believe we have delivered much-needed relief for homes everywhere, with our 2013 charging products."

RCA 4-Port USB Wall Plate Charger (WP4UWR, WP4UAR)
The RCA 4-port USB charger is the simplest possible solution to a problem that most modern families face: how to charge the family's portable devices where and when family members want to charge them. Just plug a single RCA 4-port USB wall plate charger into almost any home outlet, and presto: instant high-speed charging for everyone! No more wall adapters hogging an entire outlet. No more waiting for slow-poke chargers to fill up Mom and Dad's phones before you get your turn. And no more chargers that just flat-out don't work with your device. The RCA 4-port USB charger offers four full-speed outlets for simultaneous rapid charging of four 1-Amp devices, like smartphones and eReaders. Two of the ports provide 2.1 Amp charging for simultaneous full-speed charging of two tablets. And the bottom 2.1 Amp outlet can accommodate virtually any USB-charged device on the market today, with a patent-pending switch that adjusts to the different charging circuitries in today's devices—regular chargers can't do this. The WP4UWR (white) and WP4UAR (almond) are available now, with a suggested retail price of $29.99.

Geise continued, "The RCA 4-port USB charger makes a single outlet into the family charging station. Any household with multiple mobile devices to charge—that's virtually every household these days—will benefit from this simple plug-and-use charging solution."

RCA USB Home Charger and LED Nightlight (USBNLL1, 2, 3, 4)
Discerning consumers carefully coordinate the most lived-in rooms in their homes, finding functional accessories and accents that blend with the style they've chosen. Addressing both functional needs and form requirements, the RCA Home USB Charger and LED Nightlight provides what almost every consumer wants in almost every kitchen and bath: the convenience of a soft-glow night light for getting around the house after bed, and the USB charging they need throughout the day. Consumers expect more from their outlets in these areas.

Research shows that over 75% of consumers want to charge their phones in the kitchen and just under 75% want the same for the bath as they prepare for the day ahead. The RCA Home USB Charger and LED Nightlight provides an attractive nightlight and USB charging solution that's designed to match kitchen and bathroom décor. The USBNLL1 (and color variations USBNLL2, USBNLL3, USBNLL4) will be available this March, with a suggested retail price of $16.99.

"This product solves two pressing problems for consumers in kitchens and bathrooms. Most homes have nightlights in these areas for getting around the house after bed. What most homes don't have, and what most consumers say they want, are convenient USB charging options in the kitchen and bathroom. The RCA USB Home Charger and LED Nightlight, provides an attractive solution to both problems, designed to blend in with these areas of the home," said Geise.

RCA Wall Plate USB Charger with Nightlight (WP2UNLW, WP2UNLA)
RCA lets consumers make the absolute most of high-demand power outlets in the home, with a product that provides charging where people need it without asking them to sacrifice space. The Wall Plate USB Charger with Nightlight leaves a regular AC outlet for regular use, but it gives consumers two other functions as well: 2 USB charging outlets and an auto-sensor LED nightlight. The need for USB charging goes without saying—after all, there are more cell phones in the US than people! However, the research and development teams at RCA have also determined that nightlights are still one of the most common permanent outlets residing in high-traffic areas.

Hence, the wall plate USB charger with nightlight offers a simple plug-and-use design that not only gives consumers USB charging where they want it—it actually gives them back an outlet where they need it most! The WP2UNLW (white) and WP3UNLA (almond) will be available this March, with a suggested retail price of $24.99.

"USB charging is everywhere we go. But it never seems to be exactly where we need it, especially at home, in the areas where we spend a lot of time coming and going: the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. And unfortunately, the kitchen countertop is not the best place to park a wall wart for your smartphone...that's premium outlet space, required for lots of different uses. RCA lets consumers make the absolute most of these high-demand areas of the home, with a product that provides charging where people need it without asking them to sacrifice an outlet," concluded Geise.

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