Rdio Playing Soon on the Sonos Multi-Room Music System

Music Lovers in the US and Canada Can Enjoy On-Demand Music from Rdio in Any Room of the Home

Jan 06, 2011, 09:00 ET from Rdio

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting later in Q1 2011, Rdio Unlimited subscribers can listen to the on-demand social music service in any room of their home on the award-winning Sonos Multi-Room Music System.  By combining the Rdio service with Sonos, music lovers in the United States and Canada can simultaneously play any artist, song or album from Rdio's catalogue, on demand, in multiple rooms of the house.

Rdio's social music streaming service is the first to help users discover music through friends and influencers. Rdio takes the work out of deciding what to play next and connects the music in your Web browser with your home and mobile phone. Users can play as many songs they want, anytime, anywhere.

"By adding Rdio to Sonos, our subscribers can now easily extend their Rdio Unlimited experience to their homes," said Drew Larner, CEO of Rdio. "For Sonos customers, we bring a new and unique social approach to music discovery and sharing. At home, online, or on the move, the Rdio experience can now be with you everywhere you go."

Rdio, pronounced ar-dee-oh, costs $9.99 per month for unlimited Sonos, Web and mobile access (including the ability to listen to music and playlists offline), and $4.99 for Web-only access. Completely ad-free, Rdio is currently available in the United States and Canada.

"Our mission at Sonos is to fill every home with music by giving our customers access to all of the music on earth," said Phil Abram, President, Sonos, Inc.  "We're excited to offer an innovative service like Rdio which will provide them a premium, on-demand music experience for any room of their home."

Key features include:

  • Play anything you want. Rdio has music from all of the major labels (EMI Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group) and thousands of top indie labels and distributors. Whether you want to listen to the latest Top 40 album or indie artist, Rdio now brings the more than seven million songs in its library to your home.
  • Discover new songs, socially. Rdio is like Twitter for music. Follow people with great taste in music to discover new songs and keep your household soundtrack fresh.
  • See what's popular. Check out what's in "heavy rotation" and easily listen at home to the music that other people are listening to most. You can also go online to view the Top Rdio charts to see the most listened to songs, albums and playlists, as well as the top listeners.
  • Create and listen to collaborative playlists. Rdio users have created playlists with creative and descriptive names, making it easy to pick a playlist based on your mood. For dinner parties or a quiet night at home, Rdio and Sonos take the effort out of deciding what to listen to next.
  • Let Rdio decide what to play next. Available all over the site, Rdio Stations allow you to discover music from an artist and others like them. You can also play Rdio Stations for the songs in heavy rotation for your favorite Rdio users, including yourself!

Rdio will become available on Sonos in early 2011. For more information about Rdio and to sign up for the free seven day trial, visit www.rdio.com/sonos.

About Rdio

Rdio is an unlimited, on-demand social music service from the founders of Skype. Rdio brings music alive by letting subscribers listen to as many songs as they want, anytime, anywhere, and discover and share new music with friends. Rdio was founded by Janus Friis with Niklas Zennstrom. Funding was received from Atomico, a leading technology investment group. For more information please visit www.rdio.com.

About Sonos, Inc.

Sonos® is the leading developer of wireless multi-room music systems for the home. The Sonos Multi-Room Music System is the first, wireless multi-room music system that lets you play all the music you want all over your house – and control it all from the palm of your hand. Sonos liberates the music stored on a computer so it can be enjoyed all over the house. In addition, by partnering with music services like Rdio, Sonos gives music lovers instant, computer-free access to millions of songs, thousands of radio stations, audiobooks, and more. The award-winning Sonos Multi-Room Music System is available at more than 6200 retailers in over 65 countries worldwide; or direct from Sonos at www.sonos.com. Sonos is a privately-held company, headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA with offices in Cambridge, MA, Hilversum, Netherlands, Shenzhen, China and Penang, Malaysia. To find out more about Sonos, please visit www.sonos.com.