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Apr 26, 2013, 12:42 ET from Sandhills Publishing Company

LINCOLN, Neb., April 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Do you offer the technology that today's businesses need?  PC Today provides a direct line to executives & business owners.  PC Today is a monthly business technology publication read by affluent, influential C-level executives, business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs seeking practical information about new and upcoming products and technologies that can help their businesses stay ahead of the technology curve.  Because our readers are affluent and travel frequently, PC Today also covers the latest high-end mobile gear and publishes advice for personal productivity.


Not only is the power of print alive and well, it is particularly thriving in airports, where travelers—including PC Today's readers—have more time to read. With our unique distribution system, PC Today reaches its influential business audience where they have the most time to relax and read: at airport VIP clubs, on private jets, and in business-class hotels.  Influential readers take 100,000 copies of PC Today with them every month.  PC Today is not bulk-mailed to inflate circulation figures.  Rather, PC Today readers take copies directly from airline VIP clubs, hotels, and FBOs where they are members, guests, and customers.  These print ads, unlike ads that go unnoticed on websites, travel and stay with the executives and business owners who pick up PC Today

For less than $1.45 per location you get in front of 100,000+business leaders.  An average of 100,000 copies of PC Today are sent each month to 198 airline VIP lounges in the U.S. and Canada, 1,100-plus business class hotels, and more than 500 FBOs.  You can have your brand and message delivered directly to influential decision makers at a time when you'll have their undivided attention for less than $1.45 per location.

We offer advertising packages to fit any business model; from cover stories, custom editorial, and branding messages. 
Cover Packages - $11,760
Back Cover - $4,230
IFC/IFF/IBC/IFB - $3,880
Full Page - $3,060
1/2 Page - $1,880
1/4 Page - $1,175

*Gross rates as of 1/1/12. Subject to change with 30 days advanced notice. NET rates are subject to an approximate 15% Agency discount.

Contact Carson Schott, 402-304-5702, for more information. Visit today. 

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