ReadyForZero Adds Online Payments to its Award-Winning Personal Debt Management Program

Americans paid down over $25 million in personal debt using ReadyForZero

Oct 15, 2012, 09:37 ET from ReadyForZero

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, ReadyForZero, the leading online tool for managing and reducing personal debt, announced the addition of secure online payments. ReadyForZero users can now automatically service their debts, using ReadyForZero Plus, to make payments directly online. This announcement is in line with the company's vision of becoming the only comprehensive online resource for automatically managing personal debt and building wealth.


"ReadyForZero Plus uses technology to tell you what banks can't tell you," says Rod Ebrahimi, Co-founder and CEO. "We will detect, for example, a new checking deposit and tell you exactly how much interest and time you will save by making an extra payment to one of your debts, before you spend it elsewhere. The result is positive behavior change, a more satisfying consumer experience and improved financial stability."

ReadyForZero users first create a free plan by securely linking all their financial data. This plan aggregates asset, liability and credit bureau data automatically to build a personalized, 360-degree view unlike anything else available to consumers today. ReadyForZero then makes specific real-time financial recommendations, via mobile and web, based on a user's transaction, payment, deposit and other financial behaviors. With ReadyForZero Plus users can take action on these recommendations and make payments that save them significant time and money.

"In the United States, consumers manage over $2.4 trillion in debt on their own and make approximately $1 trillion in payments annually to service this debt," said Rod Ebrahimi, CEO of ReadyForZero.  "ReadyForZero is the only online personal debt management program that uses real-time data combining actionable financial recommendations with the ability to make payments online. Our tools empower people to automate everything about their personal debt."

Since it's original debut in early 2011, ReadyForZero has helped thousands of Americans pay down over $25 million dollars in debt. The company is a pioneer in automated financial management tools with monthly engagement 5-10x higher than traditional personal financial management tools. In addition to the benefits to consumers, the ReadyForZero program can significantly reduce the risk of default or charge-off for its institutional bank partners.

ReadyForZero is available free at The new payments functionality is only available in the United States as part of ReadyForZero Plus and costs $4.99/month for unlimited payments after a free one-month trial. Those watching ReadyForZero can expect further debt reduction and wealth building automation in 2013.

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ReadyForZero is a San Francisco based financial technology company that creates easy-to-use web and mobile-based products dedicated to helping people reduce debt faster and build wealth sooner on their own. ReadyForZero's online program has helped Americans pay down over $25 million.

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