Real Time Content Launches Personalized Video Billing and Statement Solution

Security First Insurance has seen immediate positive results

Mar 19, 2014, 13:45 ET from Real Time Content, Inc.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Real Time Content, Inc. (RTC), a world leader in personalized and interactive online video experiences, has launched a unique, interactive video billing and statement solution for service providers in industries ranging from insurance to financial services to healthcare. After just one month, clients are already seeing exceptional results.

This innovative, high-tech solution creates personalized video content in real time and uses viewer data to ensure the most relevant information is presented. Users see the content that is most applicable to them. RTC's software also provides clients with an analytics dashboard they can use to track, measure, and analyze user interactions. Data based on viewing activity allows companies to better understand their customers and improve the experience over time.

Security First Insurance, a Florida-based homeowner's insurance company, partnered with RTC in September to create an interactive, animated video for policyholders to highlight important coverage and insurance information. The video service was launched in early December. The company has sent thousands of customers a link to their very own personalized video and Security First Insurance is already seeing positive results. 30 percent of these customers have watched their entire video. 50 percent watch past the mid-stage, which means they've viewed important coverage information specific to their policy. See a sample policyholder video at

"We feel it is our responsibility to ensure that our customers have a thorough understanding of their insurance coverage and the steps to take if they ever need to file a claim," said Locke Burt, chairman and president of Security First Insurance. "Our partnership with RTC has enabled us to create a personalized, engaging, and informative experience for our customers which will help them to better understand their insurance coverage before they need to file a claim—that's critical."

Ian Cameron, Managing Director of Real Time Content, said, "Our technology is radically different from other 'personalized' video companies, as it assembles video content on demand, as directed by the user. Other solutions create millions of videos in advance to be ready for viewers who choose to watch. That approach is inefficient, costly, and videos can be outdated by the time they're viewed. RTC's clients present the latest information to their customers, and with videos rendered in real time, our solution is significantly more cost-effective than our competitors."

"Viewers interact with their personalized video, allowing them to focus on what's most important to them, and, crucially, can respond to behavior-driven promotional messages or offers within the experience. The content is always on-message, and the format engaging with average viewing times over 6 minutes."

RTC's solutions measure user response rates, interactions and feedback in real time. Clients have seen improved customer satisfaction and reduced expense. The latest personalized video billing and statements solution is suited to a variety of industries.

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