Real Time Marketing Group to Promote Why it Pays to be Zavee

Campaign will focus on Zavee's new 'Social Living' site: A community-focused cash back shopping and dining program

Oct 25, 2010, 05:05 ET from RealTime Marketing Group

BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Zavee LLC ( has hired RealTime Marketing Group to promote its community-focused "Social Living" site featuring the finest retailers, restaurants and charities in South Florida.  Zavee is already attracting loyal consumers who are excited about getting cash back rewards when they shop and dine in their neighborhood. And merchants are quickly seeing the benefits of Zavee's sophisticated yet easy to use marketing program.  Zavee also offers local charities the opportunity to promote their organizations on their website and to benefit from Zavee's "Care Shares™" program, where Zavee shoppers vote on how the company's charitable donations will be directed.

"We selected RealTime Marketing Group because we are impressed with their combined skills in both social media and traditional public relations," said Ron Stack, co-founder and COO of Zavee. "Our goal is to brand our new dynamic "Social Living" site by making the daily aspects of our lives – eating, shopping and supporting local causes – an even more exciting and rewarding experience."

"We are enthused about Zavee because they have created a concept that is both grassroots driven and social in its capacity for member comments and reviews," says Terra Spero, Principal of RealTime Marketing Group.

"Unlike many social shopping programs, Zavee wisely focuses on the local community, offering retail, restaurants and service merchants customizable online marketing tools to attract new consumers and innovative ways to reward loyal patrons. For the consumer, Zavee is creating an exciting way to discover the hottest specials being offered in their neighborhood and save on every purchase with cash back rewards. And finally, for local charitable causes, Zavee offers a unique way to gain recognition and donations," continues Spero.

Zavee is a community-focused, "Social Living" site that benefits shoppers, merchants and charitable causes. Via the website and Facebook, shoppers learn about all the hottest deals and offers and are rewarded with cash back each time they shop and dine at Zavee partners. Merchants benefit from Zavee's innovative marketing program, allowing each partner to tailor their deals, offers and loyalty programs to their customers' needs. And causes benefit from Zavee's unique "Care Shares™" program that puts shoppers in control of Zavee's charitable donations.  Visit or via Facebook

SOURCE RealTime Marketing Group