Real-Time Media Tracking Technology Fills Void for Marketers Seeking True Return on Investment

Jun 28, 2010, 13:46 ET from OrderMotion, Inc.

BURLINGTON, Mass., June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- ( -- OrderMotion®, Inc., the leading web-based platform for direct-to-consumer (D2C) campaign and order management, today announced its release of MediaMotion™, a media management and tracking technology. MediaMotion tracks order revenue from consumers who buy products from TV, and then attributes that revenue back to the station and market that aired the advertisement. Unique to MediaMotion is its ability to also follow the order pathway to the post-sales environment (shipping, e-commerce, customer service, credit card processing) and then adjust the initial purchase revenue for cancellations, bad debt, returns, cross-sells, upsells, continuity, and web orders. MediaMotion calculates true return on investment (ROI) because it creates end-to-end visibility of the entire order lifecycle.

Revenue generated by a consumer purchase can be uniquely linked back to the appropriate media source through the use of unique "tags" or identifiers, such as phone numbers or URLs that are placed within advertisements. In order to obtain a real ROI, however, the tracking goes beyond the initial purchase to post-sale activities, such as returns, cancellations, upsells, and bad debt. MediaMotion is able to provide a full view of every customer interaction because it can link initial purchase data with real-time data feeds from the vendor network (fulfillment warehouses, call centers, customer service centers, websites, and payment processors). MediaMotion can be used by marketers or agencies as a stand-alone option or as an enhanced feature with OrderMotion's campaign and order management platform, OMX™ 2.0.

MediaMotion has a dynamic user interface that allows marketers to interact and view their data in a tabular or graphical presentation by selecting key performance indicators such as CPC (cost-per-call), CPO (cost-per-order), MER (media efficiency ratio, or revenue divided by media cost), adjusted MER (media efficiency ratio with web orders, returns, bad debt, and cancellations included). Media results can be isolated and viewed by station, market, agency, and offer to help identify areas of revenue opportunity or market penetration. MediaMotion has an interactive feature, so users select any time period (hours, weeks, months) and key performance indicators within the campaign and then "play" the resulting animated graphic to reveal trends or opportunities.

Although designed with the D2C marketer in mind, MediaMotion also can be used by direct marketing consultants or agencies whose clients rely on strategies based on accurate, timely analytics for multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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OrderMotion is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) campaign and order management platform company with on-demand, web-based technology that plugs seamlessly into the entire vendor network of fulfillment warehouses, call centers, customer service centers, Websites, payment processors, and media agencies. Marketers get real-time data feeds that track consumer purchases from acquisition through retention. Specializing in complex offer structures and flexible testing options, OrderMotion is PCI Level One Certified and ideally suited for multi-pay and continuity order processing. OrderMotion is based in Burlington, Massachusetts and at

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