Guide to Keeping Fit on an Airplane Flight

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LONDON, June 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Holidays are just around the corner and just wouldn't be true to its healthy, active nature if we didn't focus on all aspects of holiday fitness to ensure that you get to your destination as fit as a fiddle. So, we've designed a guide for the perfect flight plan; including exercises to avoid DVT, as well as a few other tips to make sure you land refreshed to start your holiday, and maintain your inner peace on the return journey. So, if you're heading to South Africa this weekend, or jetting off to another far flung exotic spot, remember these tips to maintain a healthy active you.

    Before take off

    - Nutrition - Avoid large, heavy meals that will leave you feeling
      bloated and uncomfortable in your seat. Instead eat light low-fat

    - Hydration - Flying can seriously dehydrate you so hydrate yourself
      before check in. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks and drink lots of

    - Clothing - Wear loose comfortable clothing that lets you move easily.

    - Sleep - Get lots of rest before the flight. If you're planning a
      long-haul flight perhaps adjust your sleeping pattern to that of
      destination time zone.

    - Exercise - Before boarding, brisk walks around the terminal are well
      advised. Gets the circulation flowing!

    - Stress - Don't stress. Plan everything then you don't need to get the
      blood pressure up!

    In the air

    - Nutrition - stick to the pre-flight plan. Avoid heavy meals and stick
      to light meals and snacks.

    - Hydration - it's so easy to grab the complimentary glass of wine as it
      heads past you on the trolley but drinking on a flight increases your
      risk of dehydration. So try to drink as much water as you can.

    - Clothing - stick with the loose clothing. Wear flight socks if you are
      on a long haul flight.

    - Sleep - Try and get as much as you can whilst on the flight. Arrive
      feeling totally rested will ensure a good start to a holiday, and a
      rested relaxed person.

    - Exercise - get up and walk around the flight as much as you can. Try
      out these exercises:

    - Alternate between clenching and relaxing your feet and toes.

    - Contract and relax all your leg muscles.

    - Make a pedalling movement with your legs.

    - Stretch your arms and legs and hands.

    - Take some deep breaths, gently stretch and rotate your neck.

    Back on terra firma

    - Get up and Go! Despite doing your exercises on a plane you'll still
      have felt rather cramped. Stride out of the airport as briskly as

    - Stretch yourself - stretch all your major muscle groups to help your
      body return to a more normal state. Flexibility exercises will help you
      feel more supple and light on your feet.

    - Snack attack - keep some healthy snacks handy to keep you going before
      you manage to get your next meal.

    - Jet lag can seriously wear you out and make you feel horrendous. Don't
      over do it. Whether it is business you're flying for, or pleasure make
      sure you get some serious rest following your flight.

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