Realty Finance Corporation Responds to Beck Street Press Release

Oct 20, 2010, 18:06 ET from Realty Finance Corporation

ROCKY HILL, Conn., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Realty Finance Corporation (Pink Sheets: RTYFZ) (the "Company"), today is providing investors with information omitted by Beck Street Capital ("Beck Street") from its press release issued yesterday.  The supplemental information furnished by the Company is set out below.

In January of this year, Beck Street provided the Company with a preliminary indication of interest in a transaction in which Beck Street would assume control of the Company without any payment to the Company's stockholders.  The preliminary indication of interest

  • did not provide for any infusion of capital into the Company;
  • provided for a temporary deferral of newly proposed external management fees that Beck Street  proposed would be payable by the Company to Beck Street  (and did not provide, as yesterday's press release suggested, that Beck Street would manage the Company for an interim  period for free);
  • lacked a specific business plan; and
  • provided that the Company would issue warrants entitling Beck Street  to acquire an unspecified number of shares of the Company's common stock for an unspecified price.

Beck Street's indication of interest was preliminary and conditional insofar as

  • it was expressly conditioned on Beck Street  performing due diligence, and
  • it gave no specifics as to the warrants.

The Company proceeded to have several conversations regarding such proposal and stated its concern that no capital infusion was contemplated and requested a more specific business plan from Beck Street  on how it would achieve stockholder growth.  As a result of several factors, including but not limited to, the lack of capital commitment which the Board of Directors of the Company thought would be necessary to institute a growth plan and the absence of a specific business plan, the Company chose not to pursue this proposal any further.  However, it indicated it would be willing to reconsider any future proposal that would address the concerns raised by the Board of Directors of the Company.  The Company had additional conversations with Beck Street in May and June of this year which did not result in a revised proposal or additional information and, prior to yesterday's press release, has not engaged in any communication regarding such a proposal since July of this year.

The Company has solicited, evaluated and engaged in discussions with respect to a wide range of strategic alternatives over the past three years. It has investigated each proposal in light of the circumstances surrounding the Company at the time, and will continue to do so in the future in the event the Board receives new or modified proposals. The strategic alternatives that the Board has received and investigated to date have either been determined not to have been viable or lacked sufficient information or credibility to enable the Board to make informed decisions as to the merits of such alternatives or to proceed with such action. Given the Company's current financial position, it is not in the financial position to expend the cash or resources to pursue proposals that are speculative.

The Board continues to explore various strategic options for the Company.  There is no assurance, however,  that any definitive agreement for any such strategy's option will be reached. In addition, the Company has been evaluating a liquidation of the Company, including filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and ultimately may determine to wind down the affairs of its business and distribute remaining cash, if any, to its stockholders due to, among other things, the Company's inability to complete a strategic transaction, the significant reduction in the value of the Company's platform, the Company's inability to execute its business plan, the Company's inability to obtain new capital, the Company's lack of future sources of cash flow, the Company's operating cash shortfalls, the Company's ability to operate as a going concern, the numerous defaulted investments in the Company's portfolio, the significant reduction of Company personnel and the continuing volatility of real estate and real estate credit markets.

The Company continues to focus on controlling operating expenses while effectively managing its investments, including CDO I. Despite the difficult commercial real estate environment and the disappointing financial results, the Company remains committed to maximizing stockholder value.

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Forward-Looking Information

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