Reason Software Releases New Version of PC Security Software: Offers Extra Protection Against Browser Hijackers, Bundleware & More

Aug 18, 2015, 08:15 ET from Reason Software

NEW YORK, August 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Reason Software announced today the release of Reason Core Security 1.1 (RCS). This is the newest version of Reason Software's full-featured security program offering improved protection from hard-to-find and hard-to-remove threats, with a special focus on removing adware, PUPs and browser hijackers. RCS remains fully dedicated to achieving the highest detection and removal rates of malware, adware and PUPs in the industry.

Reason Core Security 1.1 has improved effectiveness against browser hijackers, an ever growing problem that can be very damaging to any computer. Traditional anti-virus measures label such programs as potentially unwanted, and therefore outside the reach of their protection solutions. The latest version of RCS targets and removes the hijacker and its support mechanisms, and corrects any modified assets the hijacker has changed.

While the previous version of RCS already enjoyed one of the highest detection rates in the industry - identifying an average of 6 pieces of undetected malware on computers running updated versions of the leading anti-virus programs - the RCS team has worked to improve detection even further with the latest version.

"With Reason's advanced bundle and browser asset protection we have virtually eliminated the ability for aggressive installers from deploying and keeping unwanted adware on a PC," commented Andrew Newman, CEO and founder of Reason Software Company about the latest release.

The new version of RCS also improves detection and blocking of bundleware, which is typically ignored by anti-virus solutions. Bundleware refers to programs that are downloaded without the user's knowledge when installing a wanted program. These unwanted programs can slow down computer performance while draining the computer's memory and resources. RCS seeks out and destroys bundleware, again keeping the PC safe from programs that leading anti-virus solutions may not even recognize as malicious.

Users in need of more personal attention and who suspect that there may be malware on their computer may now share diagnostic scan results with RCS researchers via the RCS Forum. This allows problems to be diagnosed and fixed faster than traditional support ticket queues.

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