Recaptured Energy System Reduces Fuel Costs

Unique Hydraulic Braking, Propulsion System can be Retrofit

Jun 08, 2010, 13:10 ET from Recaptured Energy Technologies

CHICAGO, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The Gulf of Mexico oil spill and the summer driving season have some experts predicting rising gas prices. Recaptured Energy Technologies reminds fleet managers that its hydraulic braking and propulsion system reduces fuel consumption by as much as 25 percent annually, significantly lowering fuel costs and keeping budgets under control.  

The unique nature of Recaptured Energy Technologies' new hydraulic braking and propulsion system for fleet, commercial and transit vehicles is that it can be retrofit to existing vehicles.  The system captures wasted brake energy from frequent braking and converts it to an auxiliary source of energy to power the vehicle, significantly increasing fuel efficiency.  The realized reduction in fuel consumption and added years of useful life are economic advantages, while the reduction in harmful emissions from a renewable source of energy is a "green" benefit as well.    

"In addition to the obvious advantage of lower fuel costs, the unique benefit of our system is that it can be retrofit to existing vehicles, so there is no need to purchase new alternative-energy vehicles that may not provide anticipated fuel economy.  Retrofitting is a win-win situation for fleet managers trying to manage ever-shrinking budgets," said Sam Jones, president of Recaptured Energy Technologies.  

"The bottom line is that it makes economic and environmental sense for municipalities, government agencies and corporations to investigate the benefits of retrofitting," continued Jones. "Conducting a thorough vehicle asset analysis and having a comprehensive, executable plan in place are the best ways to create jobs, reduce fuel consumption, maximize return on investment and save money."

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Headquartered in Chicago, Recaptured Energy Technologies (RET) is a leader in providing energy solutions for fleet, commercial and transit vehicles. Incorporating cutting-edge technology and manufacturing, RET helps corporations, government agencies and fleet managers improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and lower vehicle maintenance costs through energy optimization. For more information, call 312-214-7266 or visit  

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