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— Custom Interfaces and Integration for Healthcare, Plus Network Design, Performance Enhancement, Data & HIPAA Security

Mar 03, 2011, 13:03 ET from Recondo Technology

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., March 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Recondo Technology, a leading provider of revenue cycle solutions for the healthcare industry, announced today the creation of the Recondo Integration Services Division. Currently, the Recondo Integration team has provided integration services and support for all leading Hospital Information Systems (HIS), including Meditech, Siemens, Eclipsys, McKesson, EPIC, Cerner, GE, CPSI, and others. The team also has delivered integration services and built interfaces to a wide-ranging number of hospital applications and associated databases. These applications include Scheduling, Pre-Registration, Registration, ChargeMaster, Medical Records, Contract Management, Claims, and others. The team is experienced and skilled in industry standards, including HL7, Core Phase II, and SAS 70.


The Integration Division is responsible for custom integration in US healthcare facilities, and includes:

  • Deploying interface engines that integrate with any system, network, database, or open source system
  • Reducing the interface and integration backlog prevalent in hospital IT organizations
  • Designing and building an integration layer to reduce add-ons and maintenance costs
  • Enhancing performance of networks, applications, databases, and cloud computing
  • Deploying security solutions for disparate data stores, including Patient Health Information (PHI) and HIPAA
  • Integrating Electronic Medical Records (EMR) networks
  • Creating websites and portals for hospitals, including online payments
  • Increasing browser and application performance using the latest tools, including Google Chrome

"Most US hospitals are using legacy systems, and we help IT shops respond to changing computing environments by integrating those older systems," said Fred Horn, Recondo Chief Operating Officer. "Our Integration Team has worked closely with hospitals to integrate legacy systems, applications, and databases, as well as integrating with cloud applications, security systems, secure web portals, and online payment systems. We help hospital IT shops reduce their backlog of work by building interfaces and integration with disparate systems, applications, and databases."

"Security has emerged as a Number One topic for protecting hospital data, both Patient Health Information (PHI) data and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) data," continued Horn. "Ben Fellows, our Information Security and Compliance Officer, comes to us from a successful career at Ernst & Young, where he assessed and audited data and application environments with respect to risk, control, and compliance frameworks related to Sarbanes Oxley, SAS 70, HIPAA, and others. Ben leads our effort to certify Recondo and our services with all the important standards organizations in healthcare, including CAQH CORE Phase II, SAS 70, and HL7."

"Our customers sense an increasing urgency to integrate disparate systems, networks, applications, and databases. The typical hospital backlog of IT work is daunting, and our interface and integration engines have delivered value everywhere they're deployed," said Kirk Kaynor, Recondo Vice President of Professional Services. "The future of US healthcare depends greatly on compelling technologies that can marry old legacy systems, not only with post-modern cloud computing, but also with Electronic Health Records, Electronic Medical Records, and other new and emerging data and record types. Recondo has worked diligently to create and deploy integration tools and solutions to help healthcare providers and payers move easily into these new environments and be productive immediately."

SAS 70 Certification

Recondo achieved all SAS 70 control objectives without a significant exception or deficiency. The SAS 70 standard is one of the most rigorous and thorough auditing standards for substantiating that a company's security procedures and operational controls have been designed and tested, and are operating at maximum efficiency to protect client data in accordance with best demonstrated practices. Recondo received SAS 70 certification on January 3, 2011.

CAQH CORE Phase II Certification

Recondo achieved CAQH® Committee on Operating Rules for Information Exchange® (CORE®) Phase II Certification. The CORE Seal was awarded after Recondo SurePayHealth successfully completed CORE Phase II certification testing, a process ensuring that healthcare organizations can electronically exchange or access patient insurance information conforming to the CAQH CORE Phase II rules. Recondo received CAQH CORE Phase II certification on December 8, 2010.

Health Level 7 (HL7) Conformance

All Recondo software services conform to HL7 (Health Level Seven International) standards. HL7 is the global authority on interoperability standards for health information technology exchange. HL7 has members in more than 55 countries.

About Recondo Technology

Recondo Technology delivers powerful software services connecting patients, providers, and payers across the spectrum of US healthcare. Recondo services bring efficiencies and cost savings to healthcare payment processing, which currently costs US healthcare a staggering $375 billion in annual expense. Recondo services automate the revenue cycle and payment cycle, from pre-scheduling to adjudication, with virtually no manual intervention.

SurePayHealth® offers an accurate statement of patient financial responsibility at Point of Service, verifying patient identity, eligibility, and benefits, and accurately calculating the patient fee. After activating SurePayHealth, hospitals increase cash collections by tens of thousands of dollars every month.

EligibilityPlus™ gives hospitals the most complete view of government and commercial insurance benefits available in the industry. With a complete understanding of insurance benefits, hospitals immediately identify specific coverage, simplify patient registration workflows, reduce claim rework, and assess patient liability.

Authorization/Denial Prevention (Auth-DP™) increases cash flow by reducing a hospital's costly payer denials. Auth-DP identifies precertification requirements and authorization at the front of the revenue cycle, increasing authorization coverage and reducing denials by as much as 75 percent.

Financial Assistance™ helps hospitals identify the most likely payment source for each patient, determine initial likelihood to qualify for Medicaid and offer state-specific Medicaid assessments and applications (for every state), and automate evaluation and classification of "presumptive" charity, including propensity to pay.

Claim Status™ automates the process of retrieving the status of open claims, and allows hospital staff to segment claims conforming to the specific process adopted by each hospital, then work each claim by various priority standards. Claim Status significantly reduces the time and effort to identify, track, and process claims.

The Recondo Integration Services division offers high-level integration for systems, networks, applications, and databases. The Integration team has built integration and interfaces for every Hospital Information System and for scores of software applications, databases, and standards, including HL7, Core Phase II, SAS 70, and others.

Recondo Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) helps hospitals use Recondo people, processes, and software services to increase collections prior to service, manage authorizations and prevent denials, and to customize workflow to lower operating costs and make the front office and business office more efficient.

Recondo offers Software as a Service (SaaS), requiring no capital budget and no additional hardware or software installation. Recondo applications are developed using high-speed, high-volume rules-based processing, giving hospitals unmatched and immediate access to real-time data. Visit Recondo Technology at

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