Recordless Electronic Messaging Keeps Private Conversations Secret, Secure & Lawful

Jun 03, 2013, 10:30 ET from Vaporstream

CHICAGO, June 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Want to hold confidential conversations online, but afraid of creating written records that may trigger lawsuits or regulatory investigations? Because email creates electronic DNA, executives often rely on meetings and phone calls for private unrecorded discussions. Now, thanks to Vaporstream secure recordless messaging, you can conduct private, secure, legally compliant electronic conversations—without generating electronic or written records.

"Unlike email, Vaporstream communications can never be intercepted, cut, copied, forwarded, printed, pasted, saved, replied-to, tracked, or traced. C-level executives, lawyers, and decision-makers trust Vaporstream to combine the speed of electronic messaging with the security of disappearing ink. Once you click send, your message vaporizes, without a trace in anyone's inbox, server, or archive. For over 160 corporate customers, Vaporstream is the messaging tool of choice for critical discussions about mergers & acquisitions, research & development, litigation, and other confidential matters," said Vaporstream CEO Jason Howe.

The only recordless digital communication platform on the market, Vaporstream is a Secure Recordless Messaging Service (SRMS). SRMS securely transmits electronic messages without creating Electronically Stored Information (ESI) or leaving digital footprints. Vaporstream works with desktops and smartphones.

Legally, Vaporstream complies with prevailing records management and legal obligations. "Vaporstream does not create written records, or ESI. Because users are not legally obligated to preserve something that does not exist, you can confidently use Vaporstream without fear of violating courts' eDiscovery (evidence-gathering) guidelines or regulators' record retention rules," said retired Federal Judge and Vaporstream Advisory Board Member Ronald Hedges. Author of Managing Discovery of Electronic Information: A Pocket Guide for Judges, Hedges is a leading authority on ESI, eDiscovery, compliance management, and the courts.

About Vaporstream
Vaporstream is a Secure Recordless Messaging Service (SRMS) provider that offers the only completely secure and confidential digital messaging channels for executive and high-level communication. Our patented SRMS protects messages by securely transmitting them through cyberspace, while never creating Electronically Stored Information (ESI) or leaving a digital footprint. Vaporstream communications can never be copied, forwarded, printed, saved or traced, restoring privacy and control to the sender of the communication. By providing authorized personnel the proper policy and the appropriate tools to communicate securely, Vaporstream helps protect businesses and investors from an $80 billion a year problem, arising from security breaches, unintended propagation and unnecessary eDiscovery. Contact or (800) 367-0780.

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