RecordVault: An answer to the question of secure mobile health data broached at HIMSS13

Mar 06, 2013, 13:00 ET from PerSysTek, LLC

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As Healthcare professionals from around the country gather to discuss how to leverage technology to improve health outcomes, one topic that surfaces time and again is the role that mobile devices will play in healthcare. Mobile technologies are the key to patient engagement and driving meaningful use.

At the HIMSS conference, Dr. Kate Christensen, medical director of Kaiser Permanente's Internet Services Group noted that 22 percent of portal traffic comes from mobile devices and the fastest-growing groups of users are seniors and people with chronic diseases.

Many of the vendors at HIMSS have great solutions meeting various mobile health (mHealth) needs but Physicians and Patients have been leery of adopting such technologies due to the security risk associated with mobile devices. Patients are concerned about securing their personal and sensitive health information in their mobile devices. Physicians are concerned about heavy penalties that may come from falling victim to breaches in protected health information (PHI).

PerSysTek has the answer  to secure personal health records and other sensitive data stored on a mobile device.  RecordVault is the only three-factor authentication mobile application available in the marketplace today allowing patients to securely import, export and store their records on a mobile device. It enables both patients and physicians to be assured that protected health information stored on a mobile device is secure with military grade encryption that meets federal cryptographic standards and is HIPAA compliant. The one-time $9.99 investment for the application secures all devices an individual will own, forever.  RecordVault is currently available for Android devices and the iOS version is launching in the second quarter of 2013. PerSysTek plans to begin integrating the application with  third-party Electronic Medical Records (EMR) providers later this year.

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Rick Wielopolski
President of PerSysTek, LLC