RED Agency LA: Hollywood Talent Agent Natalie Chase Launches Socially Conscious Talent and Media Agency

Mar 10, 2011, 23:42 ET from RED Agency LA

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- RED Agency LA - - a socially conscious media and talent agency, was unveiled today at the Natural Products Expo West Conference, by company chairwoman, Hollywood talent agent, Natalie Chase.

RED Agency LA operates in the world of the socially conscious, matching its Talent (Thought Leaders, Writers, Child Prodigies) with Good Companies (businesses with a sustainable ethos and socially conscious products) and with feature projects that carry an important social message (Documentaries, Animated Films, Series, Videogames, and Educational Programs for children and adults).

The Agency was founded by 10-year independent agency veteran, Natalie Chase, who wanted a fresh challenge after building her 500-client talent development agency in five years from scratch.

Rather than growing the company larger for its own sake, Natalie shifted her focus to where she believed she could have the most positive impact, aligning her matchmaking talents, the talent of her Talent and the most interesting socially conscious feature and commercial projects being developed, where their collective creativity could be leveraged for a greater good.  RED Agency LA retained 30% of its legacy clients and is actively accepting submissions under the new guidelines, and enthusiastically taking on new clients who share its mission.

RED Agency LA is fully integrated media company creating innovative multimedia campaigns that help Good Companies deliver an effective and honest message to their customers through the dedicated and credible voice of the Talent represented by the Agency, as well as handling all media buy, corporate communications, and public relations needed on a campaign.

The Mission of RED Agency LA is to help raise the volume on some of the most inspirational and exciting voices of our generation, helping to tell positive stories to build society up, rather than tear us down, inspiring us with amazing accomplishments and extraordinary vision, not just pretty faces.



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