Red States More Smoker-Friendly with Higher Lung Cancer and Mortality Rates, Says

Which States Kick Cancer Sticks to the Curb?

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NEW YORK, Nov. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- launches new research and accompanying maps today examining smoking by state--in keeping with November's Lung Cancer Awareness Month. The maps show where it may be easiest and hardest to light up.

The research examines smoking by state; from smoking rates to smoking-related mortality and lung cancer rates. The research also compares state anti-smoking legislation, looking at smoking bans and cigarette excise taxes. Finally, the research provides insight into American attitudes toward smoking through analyzing state interest in purchasing no smoking signs, and maps these statistics against the 2008 election results. The maps visually highlight smoking trends throughout America.

Key Findings:

New York has the highest cigarette excise tax. Missouri has the lowest.

West Virginia has the highest rate of lung cancer per capita.

Kentucky has the highest rate of smoking attributed mortality.

Utah has the lowest lung cancer and smoking attributed mortality rates.

Oregon is the state with the most interest in purchasing No Smoking Signs.

Alabama is the state with the least interest in purchasing No Smoking Signs.

Blair Brewster, founder of, said: "We are convinced that in addition to serving as legislation, signs are a proxy against smoking and all of its ills. It is no surprise that states with more No Smoking Sign purchasers correspond to records of lower lung cancer and mortality rates."

Brewster continues: "Judging by the 2008 Presidential election map, it seems many of the right-wing states intersect with the states that showcase high lung cancer and mortality rates. But when we see that Utah, a Republican state, has the lowest rate of lung cancer and smoking-caused mortality, we have to take any political associations with a heady grain of salt."

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Notes to Editors:

The following sources were used for research. Further information is available on the No Smoking Laws page:

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