Red Tape Brings on the Hurricane Blues

Rowdy House Music raises our awareness about government waste and corruption

Mar 25, 2013, 12:16 ET from Rowdy House Music

STATELINE, Nev., March 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Every year millions of Americans are impacted by hurricanes, most recently Hurricane Sandy.  And every government response seems to be plagued by FEMA bungling, political pork and red tape.  Red tape caused workers contracted by FEMA, as well as tons of supplies to sit idle – at the cost of millions to taxpayers while workers from out of state were turned back, and not allowed to help restore electricity to those in the dark.  One Long Beach resident was so frustrated after Hurricane Sandy she symbolically wrapped her house in red tape.  And along with the hurricane damage, all Americans pay for the political pork piled on under the guise of relief funding.  Everyone pays, not just those hit by the hurricane.  It's enough to give us all the "Hurricane Blues".  Maybe that's why Hurricane Blues began charting in the number one position on the Roots Music Report Blues Internet Air Play Chart this week.  The lyrics describe the process one goes through when caught in the path of this powerful force of nature, a frightening experience that will be familiar to those who have lived in coastal areas.


Rowdy House Music is a group of nonpartisan musicians who contribute anonymously to expand national awareness regarding government waste and corruption.  They research issues, write songs and produce great music which gains radio airplay not just nationally, but globally.  One New York area music journalist wrote, "Rowdy House intends to stop the poor political responses to Hurricane Season, as we've seen in the past, and 'Hurricane Blues' is an impeccable step in the right direction."

Rowdy House is refreshingly unique in that it provides a public service by creating great music which is relevant and meaningful.  They share discussions explaining the meaning of each of their songs in their "Learn More & Download" section under each song on the Rowdy House Music website.

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