Red Touch Media Announces Content Distribution Deal with Blue Wave Media At The Cable Show 2013

Red Touch Bridge, Connect and Express Products Showcased at Booth #2849 at the Cable Industry's Premiere Tradeshow in Washington, D.C.

Jun 10, 2013, 10:23 ET from Red Touch Media

WASHINGTON, June 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Red Touch Media, the Salt Lake City, Utah-based technology company behind the fastest-growing digital media content management platform in the entertainment industry, announced its latest content distribution deal with Blue Wave Media, providing content through a private-labeled online media store.

Blue Wave Media has signed a multi-year term agreement with Red Touch Media including licensing fees and revenue sharing on digital downloads through a fully customized Blue Wave Media webstore.  Catering mainly to content owners by providing content syndication, Blue Wave Media has strategically partnered with Red Touch to streamline and improve content delivery to its customers.

Red Touch Media will showcase its full suite of professional content distribution and management products, Bridge, Connect, and Express, at The Cable Show 2013 in Washington, D.C at Booth #2849.

"We're thrilled to announce our latest content distribution partnership with Blue Wave Media at The Cable Show. We're here meeting with the television industry's leading content providers and our foremost company objective is to deliver smart, efficient solutions to enable them to serve their clients effectively," said Wayne Scholes, Executive Chairman and CEO, Red Touch Media. "We strive to make television and film distribution seamless and secure so our clients get the most return on investment, redefining the consumer experience around content."

Specifically developed for The Cable Show audience, Red Touch Media's Bridge product enables content owners to control all aspects of their digital assets, including production and distribution management, consumption tracking, user behavior monitoring, billing and reporting and secure screening. To erase the headache of thousands of DVD screeners, unsecured distribution tactics and unmanageable analytics, RTM created Bridge for studios and networks to deliver pilots, trailers, screeners and sales materials to select audiences. Bridge users retain control of their content after it's been distributed and are able to monitor analytics on how it was used.

Red Touch Media's digital rights management (DRM) technology has more than a decade of in market use by some of the largest distributors of digital media, including major motion picture studios and music labels. NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Warner Music Group, EMI and HDNet are some of the companies Red Touch Media has most recently worked with.

Red Touch Media is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, with additional offices in Johannesburg, New York, Los Angeles and Liverpool and London. The company plans to expand its global reach to additional locations in Europe and Asia in 2013. The company currently serves an audience of more than 3 million consumers worldwide.

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Red Touch Media (RTM) connects content owners, advertisers, retailers and consumers to premium digital content via one of the entertainment world's most innovative distribution platform. RTM provides content owners with a reliable, secure solution to manage and deliver all digital media assets to their audiences and clients. Advertisers and retailers can target consumers through user content preference and downloads. For more information on Red Touch Media please visit

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