Redpine Signals Launches an End-to-End Multi-mode RTLS Solution

Redpine's locationing system includes all hardware and software components of an RTLS solution including Redpine's WiseMote™ tags, SuperMote™ and NetworkMote™ infrastructure elements, chokepoint devices, and the CLaaS™ locationing software.

Apr 08, 2014, 08:00 ET from Redpine Signals, Inc.

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Redpine Signals, Inc., a leading developer of ultra-low-power and high-performance multi-standard wireless chipsets and systems, today announced availability of a comprehensive RTLS solution built with Redpine's chipsets and software.  

The multimode 'RPX' RTLS system comprises of dual-band Wi-Fi tags in various form factors including asset tags and wearables, Wi-Fi based configurators, the SuperMote™ and NetworkMote™ RTLS infrastructure elements, RF based chokepoint exciters, and the CLaaS™ cloud based locationing software. The locationing solution incorporates time-of-flight, signal strength and proximity technology made available on a cloud server for enhanced locationing performance and low cost of deployment.

The WiSeMote™ tags include wearables and asset tags, with replaceable and rechargeable battery options. These tags operate in multiple modes, and include advanced enterprise security protocol support, and Wi-Fi based wake-up and configuration. The SuperMote™ location reference devices augment fixed infrastructure devices such as access points, and also enable Greenfield deployment of RTLS solutions with no requirement of existing wireless infrastructure.

Redpine's CLaaS™- Cloud based Location as a Service – offering  provides a solution that is not only scalable for high volume deployment but also enables small businesses to deploy RTLS solutions to reduce initial cost and still achieve target business efficiencies.

"Our RTLS product line is built on Redpine's innovative wireless technology that has been over a decade in the making, and getting improved and optimized through deployment into over 1000 customer systems," said Venkat Mattela, CEO of Redpine Signals. "We have been able to break the barriers of cost and accuracy, enabling rapid and effective RTLS deployment even in small volume," he added.

Redpine's RTLS solution is available now, with easy to deploy kits and the CLaaS offering in versatile licensing models.  A complete end to end demo with Redpine's hardware and software can be seen at Redpine's booth #737 in the RFID Journal Live! 2014 at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida from April 8th to April 10th.

About Redpine Signals, Inc.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Redpine Signals, Inc., is a fabless semiconductor, M2M devices and wireless system solutions company focusing on innovative, ultra-low power and high-performance products for next-generation wireless applications. Redpine was founded in 2001 and was the first in the industry to launch an ultra low power and low-cost single-stream 802.11n chipset in late 2007. Again, in 2009 Redpine pioneered the adoption of self-contained 802.11n modules into the then emerging M2M market. Redpine offers chipsets, modules, devices and systems covering multiple market segments in M2M (industrial, medical, automotive, connected home, smart energy, building automation and real-time locationing), mobile and networking markets. Its technology and product portfolio includes chipsets, modules and devices with multi-stream 802.11n, 802.11ac, dual mode Bluetooth® 4.0 and ZigBee® wireless connectivity. The company has more than 220 employees worldwide.

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