Refugees Deeply, A Comprehensive Media Resource On The Global Refugee Crisis, Launches Today

Refugees Deeply will deliver focused coverage on the geopolitical, economic, legal and environmental issues at play in the refugee crisis

Mar 15, 2016, 09:00 ET from Refugees Deeply

NEW YORK, March 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Refugees Deeply, a comprehensive new media platform created to focus on the global refugee crisis, launches today – on the fifth anniversary of the war in Syria. Developed by the award-winning team behind News Deeply, an innovative new media company, Refugees Deeply will serve as a digital hub of news and analysis on the topic of refugees. It will work to unify a fragmented conversation, bring clarity and transparency to policy issues and tell people's stories in a humane and coherent way. News Deeply is collaborating with the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art to produce the platform.

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The site will investigate immigration policy, humanitarian response and human smuggling, as well as the challenges of social integration, economic impact and human development. Refugees Deeply will also bring together key stakeholders in the refugee response community – experts, policymakers and humanitarian workers – through both the digital platform and a series of dynamic events.

"We are catalyzing the conversation on refugee relief, bringing together top minds to identify emerging issues and surface solutions that can scale to serve millions of people," says News Deeply's CEO and Executive Editor Lara Setrakian. "We knew that it was time to develop a platform that can help make sense of the issue and provide deep analysis for the public."

"We are proud to support Refugees Deeply as an expansive and detailed source of information on this subject at a time when fair, humanizing news coverage about those who are affected is needed more than ever," said Zeyba Rahman of the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art (DDFIA).

"The recent mass exodus from Syria due to its continuing civil war has, like never before, awakened the West to the plight of refugees. But this grave humanitarian crisis has also ignited an unbridled xenophobia among some, fueled by the wide distribution of misinformation and myths built on fear. Fleeing Syrians are joined by many millions of others escaping their home countries in all parts of the globe due to oppressive governments, drug wars, genocide and other kinds of civil unrest," she added.

Refugees Deeply will report on all of those factors with a unique global scope, covering the global migration crisis through contributors in multiple countries. The platform will deliver a series of human stories, elevating the voices of refugees and displaced persons across multiple countries, cultures and contexts.

Preethi Nallu, the Managing Editor of Refugees Deeply, has reported on global refugee issues for years.

"Migration and displacement are defining themes of our time. It's clear that current political and humanitarian systems are unable to cope," says Nallu. "Through Refugees Deeply we hope to bring together drivers, actors and issues that are shaping the discussion on forced migration."

Refugees Deeply is the fifth platform from News Deeply. The team of journalists and technologists is best known for its inaugural platform, Syria Deeply, which has provided focused coverage of the Syrian conflict since December 2012. The team's second platform, Ebola Deeply, launched in 2014 as a real-time crisis monitor for the deadly outbreak. The third and fourth platforms, Water Deeply and Arctic Deeply, both launched in 2015 to cover the ecological, economic and security issues presented by California's drought and the Arctic situation.

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