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Dec 21, 2010, 10:17 ET from Rebootizer

WILTON, Conn., Dec. 21, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- I promise...on January 1st, I will be well INSIDE and out!  But for now we want to indulge.  At this time of the year the holiday spirit is around every corner with rich, great food, fun cocktails, and other indulgences.  And we do want to have fun!

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Indulgences are no friend to the body or the skin.  They can leave you feeling puffy the next day, and represent hundreds of calories.  Not to mention the feelings we can have in the morning – fatigue, cotton mouth, queasy stomach, bloating – all the regular hangover symptoms, regardless of the amount consumed.  These disagreeable symptoms inside and out are the body's way of telling us it has experienced high oxidative stress, and that it could not internally manage the imbalance created by the input of too many toxins all at once.

The regular good advice is to drink lots of water at night, to both re-hydrate and flush out as many toxins as possible.  However, some damage will still be done, as the liver can't process all the toxins by itself.

Today it's possible to support our body's reduction of oxidative stress with a new smart, functional drink called Rebootizer – two ounces of a delicious "cold tea like" beverage that you drink before bed.  It's only 22 calories, and it helps your body to get rid of toxins BEFORE they become harmful.  You will wake up fresh ....both inside and out!

Make it a year-long resolution before and after New Year's!!

Support your body "inside and out" ...Reboot!!

Rebootizer is the first all-in-one, quick-to-use pouch that fits today's lifestyles and appeals to consumers who are health and wellness-conscious. Rebootizer is the most practical and natural healthy solution to rid the body of harmful toxin buildup.  The powder is rich in antioxidants aiming to reduce oxidative stress, and the natural blend of ingredients was specifically developed to promote digestion and liver cleansing functions. The proprietary blend contains dandelion, licorice, angelica, artichoke, lemon balm, lemon and acerola.

Rebootizer's efficiency was proven by a scientific study demonstrating its properties on oxidative stress.  It's an easy, on-the-go solution as a regular 'detox and wellness regimen' to combat free-radicals, and can be taken safely every day.

Launched in the US over Labor Day weekend, Rebootizer is currently distributed by several companies including DPI Midwest and KEHE, as well as available in several hundred store locations throughout the US (including 7 Eleven Chicago area, ExpressMart NY ... )  and on its website:

Rebootizer has received two prestigious international awards: the Trends & Innovations Selection at SIAL 2008, the International Food & Beverage Exhibition, and the Frontier magazine 'Buyers Forum 2010 Winner' for best new product. It has recently received a 4-star rating with BevNet ( )

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