Releasing Your Inner Hero: What Every Executive Needs To Know

Sagatica, Inc. Puts Business Leaders on Path to Wiser Decisions, Improved Bottom Line

Sep 27, 2012, 05:45 ET from Sagatica, Inc.

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Identifying and eliminating roadblocks to success, developing the ability of senior managers to make wise and timely decisions, and helping established companies accelerate their results is the mission of San Diego-based consultants Sagatica, Inc.

For the past 13 years, Sagatica, led by its founder and president, Eric Kaufmann, has helped dozens of Fortune 1,000 teams hone their vision of excellence and outperform expectations.

Sagatica's focus is working with companies in the life sciences and technology spheres.  Through close collaboration with CEOs and senior management, Kaufmann and his colleagues have helped clients capture the hearts and minds of their teams and unleash their discretionary efforts to improve market share, and enhance profitability and results.

"I am passionate about working with leaders, because they make a difference, and I want to make a difference in the world," said Kaufmann, an experienced business executive whose academic background includes degrees and study in international business and graduate-level clinical psychology.

"(Business leaders) impact people's lives.  That's how I get to fulfill my mission to serve the community," Kaufmann said.  "By developing executive wisdom, we can help our clients achieve their personal, professional and business goals."

Shaping the Israeli-born Kaufmann's philosophy and approach are his experience as a master scuba diving instructor, trained hypnotherapist and his extensive study and practice of Zen meditation. 

Kaufmann's team includes Chief Operating Officer Gregg Fasbinder, Administrative Manager Kathy Crampton, and part-time facilitators, coaches and trainers.

The firm's services include boardroom facilitation, executive coaching, team coaching, keynote speaking and leadership training.  Also offered is CEO Roundtable, a safe haven where a dozen CEOs gather monthly to challenge and support one another's decisions, ideas and vision. 

With more than a decade of assisting companies and their management teams achieve their full potential and beyond, Sagatica is launching new efforts to bring its ideas and techniques to a broader audience.

The company has invested in the technology infrastructure and content for Sagatica University, which will offer podcasts, videos, online courses, live streaming events, and both formal and information discussions through which participants can expand their perspectives and release their creative energy.

The goal of these new virtual and digital services is to allow clients to minimize costs while still providing the intimate experience of working with them in real time.

In early 2013, Kaufmann will publish his first book, "Leadership as a Hero's Journey."  The central themes of the book are drawn from Kaufmann's firsthand experiences in developing executive wisdom over the past 13 years.

In the book, Kaufmann defines a hero not as someone with superhuman powers, but a person who takes on a significant, difficult accomplishment; puts him or herself in a position of risk or sacrifice; and whose work benefits many others.

The traits of a hero, he writes, are focus, courage, grit and faith.  Kaufmann draws parallels between his hypothetical hero and today's business CEOs and senior managers, who can emulate these traits as they lead their companies to thrive and succeed.

Through the book, and in Sagatica's interactions with clients, senior managers learn to define their business vision, assess the strengths and weaknesses of team members, and perform what Kaufmann refers to as "elephant hunting" - identifying power struggles and trust issues that weigh team members down like an elephant in the room, constricting their best thinking and preventing them from working together.

"Once we name it, we can throw a rope around its neck and lead it from the room," Kaufmann said.  "Suddenly, the team becomes more collaborative and creative and produces great results."

Sagatica has employed these strategies and techniques to achieve great success for such companies as Sony Electronics, T-Mobile, Genentech, Allergan, BAE Systems, San Diego Hospice, Scripps Health and many others.

About Sagatica, Inc.

Sagatica, Inc., is a San Diego-based consulting firm that collaborates with senior management of Fortune 1,000 companies, particularly in the life science and technology sectors, to identify and eliminate roadblocks to success, make wise and timely decisions and accelerate results.  Led by founder and president Eric Kaufmann, Sagatica helps clients capture the hearts and minds of their teams and unleash their discretionary efforts to improve market share and enhance profitability.  Sagatica's work leads to practical wisdom, a no-nonsense application of insight and good judgment.  The firm's services include boardroom facilitation, executive coaching, team coaching, keynote speaking and leadership training.  Visit and for more information.

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