RELLECIGA Believes Every Girl is Unique - Revolution called RIKINI

Feb 28, 2014, 08:40 ET from RELLECIGA from ,

HOUSTON, Feb. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Spring is supposedly just around the corner, so it's time to show off your hot body! Inspired by the word refresh, our designers from the RELLECIGA Industry Design Institute (RIDI for short) in Paris, France are very passionate about refreshing your life with a very new design of bikini - the RIKINI.

Tired of finding that smoking hot girl wearing the same bikini as you while distracting your boyfriend when you two are enjoying the soft beach? No need to worry anymore! RELLECIGA, the leading giant in the bikini industry, has introduced a brand new concept into bikini - the RIKINI, which will totally refresh your understanding towards the bikini.

Traditional bikinis cater to us in one or two ways, but no one is perfect. Our designers from RIDI in Paris, France don't want to fail girls this time, thus they created this multi-way bikini that encourages girls to use their boundless imagination and create their own unique bikini. They named this new creation the RIKINI, meaning refreshment and redefine.

Afraid of being the same as others? RELLECIGA says NO! RELLECIGA knows that even one small piece of bikini will make a very significant change and that's why it created the RIKINI. The RIKINI looks quite normal at the first sight that you might not even notice it. But you cannot miss it! With one set of the RIKINI, you can have at least five more sets - five more different ways of wearing it.

First of all, it refreshes you and allows you to know that you can be totally different. RELLECIGA is famous for hitting people with its new designs every single year. Girls also need to refresh their wardrobe to keep up with trends. This time, only one piece of the RIKINI can help you discover your potential. With only one piece, you can blend in if you don't want to talk, or stand out if you want to be noticed as the queen of the beach. Different ways of wearing allows you to be different in this tiny RIKINI. Say NO to RIKINI? It's never going to happen!

RECELLCIGA devotes itself to producing bikinis that will encourage girls to be creative. Given the concept of recreate your bikini, you can also be unique even in the same swimwear as long as it is called the RIKINI. You can look deservedly fashionable just by wearing this small piece of the RIKINI!

Designers can always gain ideas in Paris, and girls can be fashionable in the RELLECIGA BIKINI.

A new RELLECIGA RIKINI will also be out soon. More surprises can be found on our office website: You can also find RELLECIGA on Facebook (, Twitter ( and Instagram.