RELLECIGA Bikini Offers Hot New Advice on How to Choose the Perfect Swimwear for Your Shape

Feb 23, 2016, 08:45 ET from

NEW YORK, Feb. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Every woman can look amazing on the beach or at the pool – it's all about finding the right outfit for your body shape. Luckily, premium global bikini brand RELLECIGA has just released essential new advice about how to select the perfect swimwear for all body types.

Body shape: Pear

Ladies with pear shapes – i.e. smaller busts and fuller hips and legs – are advised to choose outfits that showcase their slim upper bodies and draw attention away from the legs. That means choosing swimwear with bright colors or eye-catching detailing on and above the waist, while keeping the bottom half understated.

This elegant one-piece swimsuit from RELLECIGA, featuring vivid waist color and a sexy scoop back, is perfect for pear-shaped women.

Body shape: Apple

Apple shaped women have slim hips and legs, but are broader around the waist and bust. The key here is to select swimwear that highlights the legs and slims the stomach. If you're an apple shape, it's a good idea to go for a swimsuit rather than a bikini, and choose vibrant, bright patterns that camouflage stomach lines while looking glamorous and fun.

This daring RELLECIGA swimsuit with bright print covers the front of the stomach, while the cutout sides maintain a sexy edge. The tassel ties and high-cut bottoms instantly drive attention to the legs, making this a great choice for Apple shapes.

Body shape: Boyish

Boyish bodies are slender and lean, with narrow hips and a small bust. Ladies with boyish shapes should choose a bikini that shows off their slim, toned stomach and gives the illusion of extra curves. This means choosing tops and bottoms with texture and detailing, helping to boost the bust and add volume to the bottom and hips.

RELLECIGA's unique Marianne Collection blooming flower triangle top bikini is ideal for boyish shapes: the ultra-feminine handmade flowers instantly enhance the bust, while built in push-up padding gives an extra secret boost.

Body shape: Hourglass

Women with a classic hourglass shape have an ample bust, slim waist, and curvy hips. Choose a sexy yet sturdy bikini that displays the slender waist, while providing comfortable bust support. It's also a good idea to go for matching colors at the top and bottom, as this balances out the look to showcase the hourglass figure perfectly.

This elegant, glitzy bikini – featured in RELLECIGA's iconic Times Square billboard – is a great choice for hourglass ladies: the classic cut is feminine and sexy, while the all over shining rhinestones add modern glamor. 100% handcrafted, this is a premium bikini for women who demand quality.


The first bikini brand to be featured in New York's Times Square, RELLECIGA is a world-leading brand committed to creating high-end, ultra-sexy swimwear. With innovative European-inspired designs (including the unique six-way RIKINI), RELLECIGA is fast becoming the Victoria's Secret of swimwear.