RELLECIGA Bikinis 2013 - Carry on a Way of Pursuing Fashion, Trend & Perfection

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GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Who doesn't want to be one step ahead of the fashion trend? We know that we do! At RELLECIGA Bikinis, we are already bringing out bikinis for 2013; not to mention our fabulous designer bikinis and other designer swimsuits in 2012. If you love to browse our collection of designer swimsuits, you will thoroughly enjoy going through our new collections of designer swimwear.

RELLECIGA offers you the latest styles in designer women's bikinis, swimwear and swimsuits at competitive prices. The brand was created by people in the fashion swimwear industry who felt that swimwear is more than just a bathing suit, they believe that swimwear is fashion!

With that in mind, we bring you designer swimwear and bikinis that have been featured in Glamour, Lucky, Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle Girl, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan and Sports Illustrated and more. We have spent countless hours putting together a great selection of women's designer swimwear. We learn from top designers and name brands including Vix swimwear, Salinas Bikinis, Onda De Mar, Esprit swimwear as well as Guess Swimwear and Betsey Johnson Swimwear to get inspirations.

Most of our swimwear are difficult to find on the market. For many of our brand bikini swimwear, RELLECIGA is the one of a few brands both on and off the Internet selling these bikini designs. We are proud of our collection of women's swimwear. If you are looking for something different for the pool or the beach, and you are tired of the local swimwear shop, department stores and cookie cutter swimwear catalogs selling you the same old thing, then RELLECIGA is here for you.

RELLECIGA is always one step ahead of the competition with our incredibly stylish collection of designer bikinis, as well as all of our other swimwear. In 2012, any girl or anyone who had the opportunity buying one bikini from RELLECIGA wears it, loves it and talks about it. Why?

Because every RELLECIGA bikini is quite impressive with its ability to make any woman look curvaceous and beautiful. Even women with small busts will be shining in shape. Why? Low cut tops and extreme low rise bottoms. RELLECIGA Bikini designers accentuate a woman's curves by using less fabric and more tiny string bikini. The fabric is strong and flexible, and meant to be tight fitting. The design is intentionally tighter in areas where it will push cleavage out the most while slimming you down. The purpose is to make your shape stand out.

Besides, the reason why girls can buy such excellent RELLECIGA bikinis at sunny little prices is because RELLECIGA is one of the largest sexy bikini manufacturers in the Asia region. The RELLECIGA factory is located in China with over 300 employees. RELLECIGA has what you are looking for, and more. With a total investment of $5 million, RELLECIGA supplies all types of sexy bikinis, with an annual output of over 1.5 million pieces. RELLECIGA mainly sells products to US, Europe, Australia, Japan, South America, South Africa, East South Asia, Korea and Taiwan.

Talking about buying RELLECIGA Bikinis, you have multiple reasons to buy RELLECIGA bikinis on or RELLECIGA Certificated eBay Stores, for example:

  • Nice and easy: no more going to the store!
  • You hate those cramped changing rooms;
  • Always the newest and most unique bikinis.
  • You can put your own bikini together at Decide for yourself which top and bottom type you want. But also determine the size and color of the two parts separately.

It may be difficult if you do not know how certain bikini types will look or how the color in real life would look like. However, they have good return policies, so you do not need to fear being saddled with a bikini that you do not like or do not fit.

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