RELLECIGA Blows Away Fashionistas at NY and London Fashion Weeks

Sep 18, 2013, 08:45 ET from RELLECIGA from ,

HOUSTON, Sept. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In-the-know fashionistas at 2014 New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week have been coming to a new conclusion: that while Victoria's Secret dominates the world of lingerie, RELLECIGA (RC for short) is becoming a major factor in the world of swimwear.

Victoria's Secret's products and "Angels" are iconic representations of the pinnacle of the lingerie industry; how can the comparatively young bikini brand RELLECIGA become equally representative of the swimwear industry?

First of all, RELLECIGA has a great ability in developing new designs, thanks to its design institute RIDI in Paris, France. Designers from RIDI are sensitive to fashion and daily life - every little sparkle can inspire their designs. The scrunch bottom is the best example. Inspired by the sharks' fins during an aquarium visit, the talented designer who came up with scrunch bottoms made them to drain water, preventing droopy bikini bottoms. Once released, it became a hot, popular product with a solid reputation among customers, especially teens and tweens. The designers' devotion to designing and developing sexy, chic bikinis has enabled RELLECIGA to release about 100 designs annually in recent years, with numbers expected to rise to 200 annually in 2014.

Besides RIDI and RC's talented designers, what makes RC so special is its openness and freedom. RC is a bikini brand that was fostered by the Internet. As a result, it is deeply influenced by the spirit of the Internet. When designers were sharing ideas and communicating with clients online, they figured out that many women were struggling to choose which items to purchase. In order to solve this problem, they created RIKINI after countless attempts and experiments. Worn in multiple ways to suit the wearer, RIKINI captures an individual's style, whether it is sexy, chic, wild or fresh.

Secondly, RELLECIGA's production technologies are beyond great, especially the cutting edge Digital Print Technology. Digital printing was first used in printing presses and T-shirt designs. The bright colors and vivid patterns caught the eyes of RIDI staff, who creatively used this technology in printing swimwear fabric. Thanks to these creative staff and digital technology, almost any print is within reach without any detail limitations such as color and placement. Technological developments in the past 10 years have also made it possible for designers to explore their creative imagination via the fabric and bring the artistic potential to fabric.

Digital printing requires a higher quality of fabric, which is not a problem for RELLECIGA, which uses the most suitable swimwear fabric - highly elastic polyester of high flexibility and elasticity. As a result, wearers need not worry about swimming for a long time, since the nature of the fabric ensures it will not change shape or wrinkle. Moreover, almost all of RC's bikinis are fully lined with nature fiber, which is comfortable and non- irritating.

Including digital print technology, RELLECIGA also keeps an eye on details. As a result, RC uses the best production equipment - for instance, an automatic cutting bed and binding machine, to ensure that their sewing is the best. Fine sewing techniques such as binding, folding, etc., are used in producing every bikini in order to make it beautiful as well as comfortable.

RELLECIGA is a bikini brand that focuses on creation and detail; it will be no wonder if it should become the leading bikini brand in North America. If you are still curious about RELLECIGA, don't hesitate to visit its official website: For the latest news of RC, check its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Flickr!