RELLECIGA RIKINI, A Perfect Gift For Your Sweetheart

-- Summer is here!

Jun 27, 2014, 08:30 ET from RELLECIGA from ,

NEW YORK, June 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Girls like spending their vacation time enjoying the sunshine and beach, but they are all afraid to face the dilemma of dressing in the same swimsuit as other girls. RELLECIGA Industry Design Institute (RIDI) has created a new bikini category-RIKINI, which encourages girls to wear one style of bikini in at least six different ways. RIKINI is a perfect gift for your beloved girl because with RIKINI, girls can be the "Queen of Ever-changing Images" at the beach!

Here is a story about RIKINI from a fashion lover:

"I have always wanted to take a trip to the Mediterranean, you know, just to soak up the sunshine, savor the beach and frolic with friends. This year, I want to enjoy the summer as much as possible! So I asked for a few days off and decided to make my dream come true.

But there was a little problem—I didn't know what to wear at the beach. I did have some bikinis that I had bought in the past few years, but they were either out-of-date or too ordinary to highlight my individuality. What was more, I wanted to take as little luggage as I could. If only there were a bikini that could be changed into different styles, so that I could be the "Queen of Ever-changing Images", but with just a little luggage!

But I didn't know how. So I posted a status on my Facebook page, 'Is it possible that…' Then, in the next few days, I just went to work and then went home or hung out with my friends after work, waiting for my Mediterranean dream to come true.

Until one day, I received a gift! I didn't know who it was from. The gift was packaged in small box, with the words 'RELLECIGA RIKINI' on the top. I had only heard about bikinis so I was a bit confused. So I opened the box, and there were two brochures. One was rectangular, with the words 'RELLECIGA 2014 RIKINI COLLECTION' and it was an introduction to RIKINI—a style of bikini that can be worn 6 different ways! The other one was round and rose colored, with RELLECIGA on its cover. Nice! It was a manual about how to wear a RIKINI.

Then, things got really interesting! There was another box, white and delicate, also with the words 'RELLECIGA' on top. I couldn't wait any more to find out what the surprise was. Opening it, I was stunned to find a RIKINI with colorful palm print! I held it in my hands, and the fabric and the lining were so soft and comfortable! Then I tried it on. According to the instructions, I decided to try it on in 6 different ways: halter triangle top, scoop neck, cross neck, 'V' halter bandeau top, strapless bandeau top and criss-cross. How amazing!

Wait! Whom was the gift from? Such a sweet gift! Then my phone rang. It was a SMS from my friend, Frank: "Have you received the gift? I saw that you are going to take a trip to the Mediterranean but didn't want to take much luggage. I hope RELLECIGA RIKINI can help you, because you can wear it in at least 6 ways. And, I chose the palm print because I think you are a nice, passionate and wise girl!"

Reading the message, I felt like a princess! Then I replied, "Thank you so much, Frank. Would you like to have dinner with me after I finish my trip?" "Why not?" Frank replied immediately.

All I needed to take to Mediterranean was a RIKINI and some other necessities. It was really a relaxing journey! I wore the RIKINI in 6 different ways, took photos and posted them on my Facebook and Instagram. My friends saw the photos and some wondered how I could take so many bikinis. I replied, "Actually, I just took one RELLECIGA RIKINI with me as it can be worn in 6 ways!" "And, it was a sweet gift from Frank," I said to myself.

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