RELLECIGA Swimwear 2014 Collection - We Pick Them, You Rock Them!

Jan 22, 2014, 08:20 ET from and

HOUSTON, Jan. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Yes, it's time to refresh your closet for the coming summer! At this time, RELLECIGA Swimwear has released its 2014 Spring-summer collection, bringing the latest swimwear fashions. To become the brightest belle on the beach, one can't miss RELLECIGA!

More Patterns, More Choices

Solid colors will ensure an error-free summer look, but to really win in the fashion game, bikinis in vivid patterns are the must-have weapon. RELLECIGA Swimwear offers numerous patterns in its 2014 Collection that will blow viewers away, the likes of which have never before been seen.

Retro style is an important fashion element this year, so a geometrically patterned bikini is a fashionable beach brightener. Mixed with RELLECIGA's classic V Wire design, this bikini is the best choice for becoming an outstanding fashionista.

Besides this one particular pattern, there are more patterns from RELLECIGA Swimwear from which to choose: diamonds, tropical florals, leopard, zebra and palm leaf prints. If you can imagine it, you can find it from RELLECIGA.

Retro High-Waist Bikini

As mentioned, "retro" is the key word of the fashion world this year. How can we miss the high-waist element, since it's the representative element of retro style?

Victoria's Secret, RELLECIGA and other swimwear brands released their high-waist bikini collection just in time, carrying through on their resolution to help every lady impress with this new summer look. With lace-up details, RELLECIGA's high-waist bikinis are not only sexy, but also elegant.

One Piece, Two Sides

Asymmetrical elements are another important element that RELLECIGA has used in the swimwear design for the new collection. How to make a common one piece different and the wearer therefore unique? The answer is through asymmetrical design!

RELLECIGA tried out the strap in its last collection, and for the brand new collection, it's bold enough to make a curve-loving cut-out on just one side! Adding to ruffle details and bright neon colors, the one piece is extremely sexy and will absolutely make the wearer attractive.

Your Back is the New Front

People usually pay less attention to how the back of their outfit looks As a result, common swimwear has similar designs in the back, leaving most imaginative ladies, and RELLECIGA's creative designers, bored with the staid looks. To these designers, each side of a lady is equally important. We should cherish this kind of beauty and try to enhance it.

With this wonderful thought, RELLECIGA's designers created a collection of swimwear that has an impressive back design: Eiffel Tower Silhouette. Mixing architectural elements with fashion design, this collection is able to bring out women's inner and outer beauty in an amazing way. Dressing up in this collection of swimwear, the wearer's back will be more impressive than the front of other common swimwear.

RELLECIGA has picked the above designs for you, and you are the one to rock them! If the above designs have already shocked you, feel free to view more amazing designs on RELLECIGA's official website: You can also add RELLECIGA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to interact with RELLECIGA.