RELLECIGA Swimwear Achieves Great Success at 2015 Mare d'Amare Italy

Aug 18, 2015, 09:00 ET from

NEW YORK, Aug. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Mare D'Amare Italy stood out as a successful and exciting formula for a three-day fair capable of welcoming over 8,000 visitors from both the domestic market and other EU member countries.

It is no coincidence that hundreds of brands and designers have chosen Mare d'Amare as their stage to showcase their precious collections. "Mare d'Amare is not only a swimwear fair, I think, it is more like a beauty contest - every brand shows its own feature incisively and vividly. It encourages all the brands and various styles to compete equally, and that's one of the reasons why we chose it", RELLECIGA European CEO Marian said.

RELLECIGA bikini, which is the common choice of global stars and models, had the honor to witness this visual feast. And RELLECIGA official has unveiled their latest fabric technology at the exhibition -- the professional waterproof swimwear fabric. Unlike ordinary swimwear fabric, it uses the latest nanotechnology that protects the fabric from water at a professional level. 

Moreover, RELLECIGA's stylish and trendy designs gained reputation among visitors. "We have gotten hundreds of professional buyers during the first day, and even some fashionistas found and told us that they have heard of RELLECIGA before, and they loved the brand even more after they had seen the bikinis in the flesh," said a RELLECIGA employee who was at the event.

It is worth mentioning that there was a collective fashion show on every day of the fair. And RELLECIGA Bikini, as the most popular brand in the fair, had chosen four different styles matching the theme "JUNGLE FEVER", sweeping a wild craze across the catwalk. When the models showed up in RELLECIGA bikinis, many in the audience took out their cellphones to photograph the bikinis. When the models were interviewed about what they thought about the RELLECIGA Bikini, they said: "It is sensory, and stands out with its unique-design and good shape as well as soft and perfect curves."

The 2015 Mare d'Amare Italy was not only a swimwear fair, it brought a lot to RELLECIGA, and also showed all the fashion girls that, 'Lingerie is VS (Victoria's Secret), while swimwear is RC (RELLECIGA Swimwear)' is not just a slogan.

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