RELLECIGA Swimwear Sets Off from North America and Wows European Fashion World

Jul 07, 2014, 10:20 ET from RELLECIGA from ,

NEW YORK, July 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- RELLECIGA swimwear lands again on the home page of MyPrivateBoutique (, the only online luxury discount store in Switzerland. As a fashion brand born in North America, RELLECIGA has succeeded in winning the recognition of the European fashion world, the cradle of many famous fashion brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Dior, and more. RELLECIGA is the global partner of the French Synchronized Swimming Team and the only bikini sponsor for CARat Tuning, a big event in the European auto world. How did RELLECIGA accomplish this?

The accomplishment was not possible without the efforts of RIDI (RELLECIGA Industry Design Institute). RIDI has been always devoting itself to developing fashionable, quality and delicate swimwear. Three classic elaborate collections of RIDI are the Marianne Collection, RIKINI Collection and Lace Collection.

The launch of the Marianne Collection has amazed the North American and European fashion world hugely, for each piece of this collection is not only swimwear, but also a work of art. "The Marianne Collection is totally handmade and even worthy to be cherished in every girl's private wardrobe," a RELLECIGA spokesperson said.

The announcement of the RIKINI rocked the fashion world again and formally created a new category of bikini. RIDI created the RIKINI, a bikini that can be worn in at least six ways to help girls out of the embarrassment of wearing the same bikini as others. With only one classic style of RIKINI, you can take on varied scene-stealing looks on the beach.

The Lace Collection has gained great popularity among fashion lovers all over the world, especially in North America and Europe. Lace used to be an exclusive luxury for European royal families. The bikini is a bold invention in the modern fashion world. RELLECIGA has brought such gorgeous surprises to fashion lovers by combining the nobility and fashion together perfectly. "Until now, RIDI has launched more than 40 styles of lace bikinis. In 2015, about 50 new styles of lace bikinis will be launched to meet the varied needs of fashion lovers," said the chief designer of RIDI.

It is a big step that RELLECIGA sets off from North America, and manages to wow the European fashion world. RIDI will always spare no effort to provide top-grade swimwear for fashion lovers!

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