RELLECIGA will bring something new on 2015 Mare d'Amare Italy

Jul 13, 2015, 09:00 ET from

FLORENCE, Italy, July 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Italy is obviously the most popular country in 2015. Its Milan becomes the core of the world because of the EXPO, while Florence meant to be the core of the beachwear world because the eighth edition of Mare d'Amare is going to be held here on July 18-20, 2015.

With over 250 of local and international professional exhibitors, Mare d'Amare stands out as a successful and exciting fair. In order to give various and fresh impressions and welcome more than 8000 visitors from both the Italian market and abroad, the organizer usually come up with fabulous idea of the latest summer trends. And 2016 summer trends focus on optimism and pure energy - worked out by David Shah, the four main themes are: Jungle Fever, Rave Couture, Memphis Sports and Brutal Glam.

Moreover, the events will be lived online as well, thanks to the first digital trade platform in Italy - Mare d'amare Digital. As a result, visitors who are interested in the brands but cannot make it to attend the fair physically get a chance to access the booths and events. Besides, exhibitors are able to interact through their qualified showcase easily on the computer and tablet.

"Work-fun balance is a must-be for us, so we create a fair full of events, excites and novelties. We want to show the visitors both the European excellence of this industry as well as hospitality arranged with the utmost attention to the smallest details," the Mare d'Amare organizer commented, "This will be a visual feast which you should not miss!"

RELLCIGA, as one of the finest bikini brands available in the marketplace, was invited to the fair definitely. It is not only a bikini brand, but also stands for a lifestyle which we should enjoy.

"During the past years, Mare d'Amare has established its success at an international level, which make us feel unexpected surprise when we received the invitation," RELLECIGA European CEO Marian said. "RELLECIGA  is always concentrating herself in what she is doing, and finally becomes a major factor in the world of swimwear. Several years ago, nearly no one knows RELLECIGA at all. But now we are known as an expert of swimwear, and I am proud to announce the popular slang among celebrities, models, and fashionistas - Lingerie is VS (Victoria's Secret), while swimwear is RC (RELLECIGA Swimwear)."

And he also left a small secret that what RELLECIGA would bring in this fair. Besides developing the most highly-anticipated designs all the time, RELLECIGA also focus on developing materials and technology. In such a professional exhibition, RELLECIGA will of course bring the latest achievements in both fields and show to the beachwear world. "2015 Mare d'Amare, RELLECIGA is ready," Marian said.

If you are curious about what RELLECIGA will bring next week and happen to be in Italy, don't hesitate to visit us in Florence! And it is also easy for you to view the Digital Show online if you cannot make it to the fair.

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