REMCO Energy Launches Two New Business Subsidiaries To Focus on Utility Audits for the Home and Small Business Owner

Feb 21, 2013, 14:51 ET from Remco Energy

PRINCETON, N.J., Feb. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Remco Energy has been in the business of auditing utility companies and landlord electric charges for fortune 1000 companies for nearly three decades. Over the past 28 years Remco's auditors and engineers have recovered tens of millions of dollars in the form of refunds, credits and future savings for its clients.      

Remco Energy announced today it is launching two new subsidiaries, Home Energy Savings (HES) and Small Business Energy Savings (SBES).

"Remco  Energy recognizes the tremendous growth potential of the home and small business market, so we are putting the focus and investments in place to fully capitalize on the these opportunities and drive growth in our business today and for many years to come,"  said Mary Ann Milsop, President of Remco Energy.

Cutting energy bills, especially in a week economy is one of the highest priorities for American families. HES focus is on the residential customer who is struggling to pay their bills and put food on their tables.   SBES focuses on the small business owner who is concerned about the high cost of utilities. Recent increases in the cost of electricity and gas has cut deeply into the profits of small business owners.  Small businesses and home owners can now obtain refunds and cost savings through this expanded service offerings.  At an investor conference today, the company said it expects to guarantee the savings or there is no fee for its services.  

For nearly three decades only big corporations were the beneficiaries of lower energy costs while the home owner and the small business owner had no other choice but to pay higher energy costs. Remco's two new subsidiaries will give the home and small business owner the same benefits and opportunities the fortune 1000 companies have had for years.

Mary Ann Milsop, Remco Energy's President, said, "In a society in which people check everything, nearly every consumer in this country pays their utility bills without understanding what they are paying for. Instead they rely on blind trust. Utility companies are not necessarily out to intentionally overcharge customers, however 40% of bills contain errors.  The utilities know the typical small business owner is not going to challenge the bill even if it suspects an overcharge. Moreover, the utility companies understand that a small business owner or residential customer is not going to hire an expert to challenge the bill at $350.00 per hour.  As a result, the utilities have run amok as they are unchecked with no one to challenge them, except for large corporations who can afford to hire utility consultants.  Given the expertise and technical knowledge that Remco possess the transition to the residential and small business market is clear cut.  This transaction will benefit the home owner and the small business owner in reducing expenses, while improving the world we live in."

Mary Ann Milsop is President, Remco Energy Solutions 5 Independence Way, Princeton, N.J. 08540. 609-333-1800.



SOURCE Remco Energy