Remember, Remember...Check Your Cover This Bonfire Night

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  • Ensure your home insurance policy covers personal liability against damage and accidents
  • Don't forget your canine and feline friends too, says

With households across the country soon set to host Bonfire Night celebrations, urges Brits to ensure their home insurance policy includes adequate personal liability protection to cover any accidents; otherwise the evening could go off the wrong kind of bang.

Britain's number one comparison site warns homeowners to check the small print of their home insurance policy for personal liability protection. Most insurers will provide cover of £2,000,000, however this does vary across providers.[1] According to statistics from the  Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), over 6,600 people are injured in firework accidents each year, with half of these injuries happening to children under 16 [2]. If any accidents occur on your property, you could be liable for a personal injury claim, and not having enough personal liability cover in place, could leave you severely out of pocket.

Hannah Jones, home insurance expert at, said: "Bonfire Night is a popular celebration with households hosting their own fireworks parties or attending local public displays. To ensure events run smoothly, it is important for people to remember that safety has to come first.

"If you are hosting a bonfire night celebration at your home, it is essential your home insurance policy is up to date and that you have adequate personal liability cover. In the event of an accident you could find yourself liable for any injury or damage and facing a hefty payout. The same applies if you are at a friend's party and are injured by a firework; they will need to have adequate insurance to cover any claims."

Protecting furry friends

Pet owners should also think about protecting their four-legged friends from any potential dangers as the firework season kicks off. Cover for pets can cost around £89 a year for dogs and £45 for cats. Checking the small print of the insurance policy is crucial as levels of cover for vet's fees and third party liability will vary.[3]

Hannah Jones continued: "In the fun of firework season it is also important for pet owners to make sure they have protected their pets from the potential dangers of this time of year. Fireworks can cause distress, disorientation and panic, which can in turn lead to accidents and animals going astray. Insuring your pet at least gives you the peace of mind of knowing you will be covered for potential costs if they come into harm's way."

MoneySupermarket's top tips for staying safe this Bonfire Night:

  • Keep a close eye on children. Ensure they wear appropriate clothing, especially gloves, when near bonfires or sparklers
  • If you have a Bonfire party, then allow for sufficient space between the fireworks and the guests. It is also advisable not to drink to excess, and to check outside areas are well lit.
  • Keep pets indoors. Close windows and curtains, and switch on music to drown out the noise of fireworks, and don't forget smaller pets living outside, like rabbits and guinea pigs, can be brought inside for extra protection.

Further safety advice and tips an be found at:

Notes to Editors:


     Insurer                Cover Details                   Claim

              Property owners liability - Churchill will
                  pay all amounts you become legally
              responsible for as a result of an accident
               which happens during the period of cover
              if someone is injured, falls or dies or if
                property is lost or damaged. The most
              Churchill will pay for all claims arising
               from one incident is GBP2,000,000. They
              will also pay all costs and legal fees for
                defending you as long as this has been
    Churchill             agreed in writing.             GBP2,000,000

               Legal Liability - The AA will insure you
                 for all amounts which you have legal
              liability to pay as owner but not occupier
               for accidents which happen in or around
                the property which result in physical
              injury to or illness of any person or loss
               of or damage to the property. There is a
                 limit of GBP2 million for all claims
               arising from any one accident plus costs
                 and expenses that The AA agree to in
    The AA                     writing.                  GBP2,000,000

              Property owners liability - Your liability
               to pay damages and costs for accidental
                 death, disease, illness, or personal
                 injury to anyone other than you or a
              member of your family or accidental damage
                 to physical property other than your
                 property or that of a member of your
              family. The most Halifax will pay for any
                 single event that happens during any
    Halifax       insurance period is GBP1,000,000.      GBP1,000,000

               Your Liability to the Public - Barclays
               will cover your legal liability as owner
               of the buildings for damages, costs and
              expenses if anyone is accidentally injured
               or falls ill or property is accidentally
               lost or damaged. Barclays will also pay
                for any defence costs and expenses if
    Barclays              agreed in advance.             GBP2,000,000

               Buildings Liability - Budget will pay up
              to GBP2,000,000 with regards to your legal
                responsibility to others as a property
                   owner for: Which you are legally
              responsible as the owner of your property
              to pay to others in respect of damages or
               costs as the result of accidental death,
               disease, illness, or accidental physical
              injury to anyone other than the members of
                 your Household. Accidental damage to
    Budget                physical property.             GBP2,000,000

[2]Department for Business Business, Innovation & Skills

[3]Pet Insurance for Dogs (1-2 Years)

                                                   3rd Party
       Insurer       Policy    Premium  Vet Fees*  Liability*
    E&L              Silver   GBP89.10  GBP3,500  GBP1,250,000
    Animal Friends   Basic    GBP114.12 GBP3,000  GBP1,000,000
    Marks &
    Spencer         Standard  GBP123.60 GBP4,000  GBP1,000,000
    Argos            Silver   GBP136.60 GBP2,500  GBP1,000,000
    PetPlan        Essential  GBP189.12 GBP3,000  GBP1,000,000
                    Average   GBP130.51

*Benefit subject to excess

Sourced by on 25.10.2012

Pet Insurance for Cats (1-2 Years)

                                                  3rd Party
       Insurer       Policy   Premium  Vet Fees*  Liability*
    E&L              Silver   GBP45.25 GBP3,500      None
    Animal Friends   Basic    GBP48.60 GBP3,000      None
    Marks &
    Spencer         Standard  GBP54.12 GBP4,000      None
    Argos            Silver   GBP60.27 GBP2,500      None
    PetPlan        Essential  GBP97.08 GBP3,000      None
                    Average   GBP61.06

*Benefit subject to excess

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