Remington Capital Radio Offers Affiliate Partners a Roadmap to 'Predictable' Sales

Remington Capital Radio programs are aired live over the Internet every Wednesday at 10 am PST, with Affiliate Partners invited to participate via call-ins by telephone and email

Dec 29, 2010, 03:10 ET from Remington Capital

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Dec. 29, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Industry experts on Remington Capital Radio are providing Remington Capital Affiliate Partners with "a well-lit roadmap to predictable improvements in commercial real estate sales and income – even in down markets."

"These one-hour live weekly radio interviews with industry experts, authors and newsmakers are worth their weight in gold," according to Andy Bogdanoff, chairman of Remington Capital. Bogdanoff is host of the weekly business information Internet radio programs launched last month and available exclusively to commercial loan brokers that are members of the new commercial real estate financing affiliate program.

Remington Capital is an international financial services company, specializing in securing capital for commercial brokers unable to obtain financing on their own. Since 1993, Remington has helped finance, refinance and recapitalize more than $5 billion across the capital stack for all types of commercial projects.

Among the many topics discussed recently on Remington Capital Radio were: "Turn on Your Profitability," "Five Steps to Success," "Creating New Revenue," "Success Now," "Closing Sales in a Tough Economy," and "Planning Revenue Growth."

"One of the program's latest business experts - Rick McPartlin, president of The Revenue Chase - emphasized the need for commercial loan brokers to eliminate reliance on luck for producing revenue and to replace it with planning and networking," Bogdanoff said. Other key points made by McPartlin during the interview were:

  • "Even in a tough market, revenue production can be a predictable process."
  • "You don't have to be a super-salesperson or hope the economy gets better to really make a difference in the way revenue is generated."
  • "What you have to do is understand how to bring value to the people you serve, how to partner with them and make it easy for them to buy, and to make it a win-win for both sides of the table."
  • "You have to start with a revenue strategy and an infrastructure to support it, because if you don't know where you are going, your customers won't know where you are going. And if I'm your customer, I want to know exactly what I can expect from you."
  • "As a customer, I don't want to know about your mission or your vision. I want to know what you can do to solve my problem better than anyone else."
  • "You are going to have to be a lot better in 2011 than you had to be in 2007."

Future topics scheduled for Remington Capital Radio include "A High Tech View of 2011" (with guest Dino Farfante, president and COO of American Barcode and RFID), "Expert Selling," and "Recapitalization of Distressed Commercial Real Estate."

These programs are aired live over the Internet every Wednesday at 10 am PST, with Affiliate Partners invited to participate via call-ins by telephone and email. All shows are archived and available for listening or downloading through Remington's Affiliate Partner website.

Only qualified Affiliate Partners can access the program's dedicated website and exclusive radio programming with a Remington-provided password, which Affiliate Partners receive upon approval of their membership application.

The Affiliate Partner Program is designed to increase financing opportunities for commercial loan brokers, while providing enhanced business skills and new revenue sources. Commercial loan brokers can apply for free Affiliate Partner membership by calling Remington Capital at 888-407-4881. Once qualified, Affiliate Partners are given access to all the benefits of program membership, including immediate ability to begin earning generous fees from introductions that result in successful financing transactions.

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