Renewable Connecting to the Change - Analysis Outlook and Opportunities

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Bharat Book Bureau presents Renewable Connecting to the Change - Analysis Outlook and Opportunities. The 250+ (approx) page reports will comprise a deep-rooted analysis of the sector focusing on the market scenario thereby providing niche business opportunities in the sector for the existing players, and carves out key strategies for the investment potentials of the new entrants. As like the CPV market is estimated to reach $266 million in 2014, there are only few Indian companies participating in the production of CPV, which presents with huge opportunity basket for new entrants, and this report would be a path-finding guide for them to boost their investments in the sector. (

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Table of Contents:
Introduction to the Report
1. Renewable Energy - An Overview
- Re Industry in India
- Changing Paradigm - From Conventional to RE in India & Need for This Change
- Advantages of RE for India - A Future Perspective (This Will Include A Snapshot of Energy Security and Green Alternative)
- Upcoming Technologies in RE - A Knowhow & Policy Updates in the Sector
- Future of Sector

2. Solar Power in India- Challenges & Opportunities
I. Solar Power in India - Overview
- Installed Capacity - Past to Current Status
- Upcoming Capacity Till 2020
- Solar Power Potential - Present and Targeted
- Modes of Generating Solar Power
- Grid Connectivity of the Existing Modes
- Off - Grid Solar Power
- Indian Solar PV Manufacturing Sector
ii. Issues and Challenges to Solar Power in India
- Land Availability, MOEF Clearances, Technological Availability, Investment, Opportunities for Grid Integration and Others Etc.

3. State Attractiveness Analysis for Solar Power in India
I. Tracking the Major States with Solar Power Potential
- Gujarat
- Rajasthan
- Maharashtra
- Andhra Pradesh
- Tamil Nadu
- Jharkhand
- Karnataka
- Orissa
- Uttar Pradesh
- Madhya Pradesh
ii. Parametric Evaluation of the Above Mentioned States
iii. Other Upcoming States - With Solar Potential (A Snapshot)

4. Solar Power Generation - Tracking the Players & SWOT Analysis
I. Tracking the Major Players Generating
-Solar Power - Top Five
-Parametric Evaluation of These Players
ii. Tracking Major Solar PV/ Thermal
-Manufacturers - Top Five
-Parametric Evaluation
III. SWOT Analysis of Indian Solar Industry

5. Wind Power in India- Market Scenario, Challenges & Opportunities
I. Wind Power in India - Overview
-Installed Wind Power Capacity and
-Generation - Trends
-Upcoming Capacity Till 2020
-Wind Power Potential - Present and Targeted
-Generation Technologies
-Policy and Regulation Landscape
-Wind Power Value Chain in India - Key Trends and Opportunities across the Value Chain
ii. Indian Wind Turbine Market
iii. Issues and Challenges to Wind Power in India Techno-Economic Selection of WEGs, Investment, Renewable Purchase Obligations, Comprehensive T&C for SWTs and Reliability Check and Others etc.

6. State Attractiveness of Wind Power Analysis
I. Tracking the Major States with Wind Power Potential
-Tamil Nadu
-Madhya Pradesh
-Andhra Pradesh
ii. Parametric Evaluation of the Above Mentioned States
iii. Upcoming States With Wind Power Potential(A Snapshot)

7. Wind Power Generation - Tracking the Players
I. Tracking the Wind Energy Generating Players-Top Five
Evaluation Parameters
ii. Tracking the Wind Energy Manufacturers
Evaluation Parameters

8. Wind Power Generation - Investment -Sales & SWOTAnalysis
I. Investment Opportunities.
ii. Revenue Stream Options for IPPS in India
iii. Sale of Power (Feed-in Tariff)
IV. SWOT Analysis of the Indian Wind Industry

9. Bio Power in India- Issues & Challenges
I. Bio Power in India - Overview
-Current Status
-Future Potential
-Key Incentives and Policy Support for Biomass
-Power Generation in India
-Fiscal Incentives for Bio Power Generation
-Tariff for Electricity Generated From Biomass by States
-Bio Energy - Rural Electrification Support in India
ii. Issues & Challenges
-Land Availability, Technical Know - How, Financial Hurdles, Policy and Regulatory Barriers and Others etc.

10. Biomass Power - Sector Focus & BusinessOutlook
I. Waste Value - Waste to Energy for Sustainable Solutions
ii. States Potential-
-Parametric Evaluation
iii. Business Outlook

11. Bio Energy - Development Outlook & SWOT Analysis
I. Biomass Technologies Applicable in India
ii. Development Outlook
iii. SWOT Analysis of Indian Bio Power Industry

12. Small HydroPower
I. Overview
ii. State-Wise SHP Potential in India
iii. Trends in Installed SHP Capacity and Generation in India
iv. State-Wise Status of SHP Development
-State-Wise Average Capacity of SHP Projects
v. Achievements and Targets As Per Five Year Plans
vi. Policies/Incentives By the Government for Promotion
vii. Issues and Challenges in the Development of SHP in India
viii. Key Players in the SHP Sector Outlook
ix. Details of Key Projects
-Key SHP Projects Under Construction
-Approved SHP Projects
-Key SHP Projects Under the Approval Stag

13. Other Modes of RE in India
I. Introduction
ii. Geothermal Sector
-Geothermal Basics
-Global Market Overview
-Geothermal in India
-Research and Development Activities in India
iii. Tidal Energy: An Overview
-Global Scenario
-Tidal Energy Scope and Development in India
-Challenges in Developing Tidal Projects
iv. Wave Energy in India
-Challenges Specific to Wave Energy Systems

14. Role of RECertificates
I. REC Mechanism
ii. Operational Framework
iii. Key Stakeholders
iv. Pricing Options
-REC Pricing
-Â Recent Trends in REC Prices
v. Tariff Under REC Mechanism
vi. Present Status of REC Trading
-Demand and Supply of REC

15. Risk Alerts for the Players
-Technological Risks
-Variable Raw Materials
-Increased Competition
-Macroeconomic Risk
-Financing Risk
-Fossil Fuel Price Dynamics
-Environment Impact
-Climate Change

16. Connecting the Change
-Technology Innovation
-Products Innovation
-New Proposals/Policy
-Green Track-Initiatives Taken By Railways

17. Energy Security
-Indian Perspective
-Enhancing Energy Security through Alternatives
-Rural Electrification
-Looking Beyond the Fossil Fuels
-Foreign Tie -Ups
-Quest for Energy Security- Domestic Issues, Challenges & Prospects, Hard Choices (Present Scenario & Future Assumptions)
-Public/Private Initiatives

18. Company Profiling of Existing/New Entrants

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