Renmatix Taps Dow Chemical, ZeaChem Veteran as VP of Process Technology

Bioindustrial engineering expert Fred Moesler to lead commercial scale-up of Renmatix's low-cost cellulosic processing technology

Aug 17, 2011, 07:08 ET from Renmatix

KENNESAW, Ga.,  Aug. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Renmatix, the leading producer of cellulosic sugars, is pleased to announce Fred Moesler, a former Dow Chemical, NatureWorks and ZeaChem engineer and modeling specialist, has joined as vice president of process technology. Moesler brings to Renmatix fifteen years of bioindustrial production and process development experience. He will oversee the evolution of the company's proprietary, low-cost biomass-to-sugars process from demonstration scale to commercial deployment.

"Cheap cellulosic sugars will invigorate the entire bioindustrial space with improved economics. They'll allow renewable fuels, chemicals and materials to be cost-competitive with petroleum-based products for the first time," said Moesler. "Renmatix has developed the superior method for unlocking cellulose and demonstrated both the technology and economic model to impact these markets dramatically. I look forward to working alongside a dedicated team of engineers to bring the technology to life at commercial scale and further drive down costs."

While at Dow Chemical, Fred had an active role in the start-up and optimization of Dow's first fermentation facility with Dow AgroSciences, which produces bio-based agricultural chemicals. Following his decade-long tenure at Dow, Moesler held key technology positions at NatureWorks, LLC, a manufacturer of biodegradable polymers, where he led the research and engineering efforts for the lactide and polymer processes.  He also assisted the NatureWorks fermentation team with the start-up and optimization of the world's first and largest commercial-scale polylactide production plant in Nebraska.

As ZeaChem's director of process development, Moesler developed and validated a unique high-yield cellulosic ethanol process. Most recently, he served as vice president of engineering at Rennovia, a chemocatalytic bioindustrial chemical company.

In his new role at Renmatix, Moesler will oversee pilot and demonstration cellulose hydrolysis units currently operating in Georgia and work closely with the research and development team to optimize the commercial process design of Renmatix's Plantrose™ technology. He will also be a key driver in establishing downstream partners, collaborating directly with customers to implement production plans based on Renmatix's Plantro™ Sugars.

"Fred is an invaluable addition to both our business development and engineering teams. Along with exceptional bioindustrial technical and process expertise, he brings with him a rare commercial perspective earned by being on the receiving end of sugars for many years," said Renmatix CEO Mike Hamilton. "He understands like no one else how to communicate our technology and the value of low-cost, fermentable sugars to our stakeholders."

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Renmatix is the leading producer of cellulosic sugars for the global renewable chemical and fuels markets. The company's proprietary Plantrose™ process challenges conventional sugar economics by cheaply converting biomass – from woody biomass to agricultural residue – into useful, cost-effective sugars. Renmatix technology deconstructs non-food biomass an order of magnitude faster than other processes and enhances its cost advantage by using no significant consumables. Backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Renmatix is privately held, with operations in Georgia currently capable of converting three dry tons of cellulosic biomass to sugar per day. For more information, please visit

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